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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Dec 2007 #3

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    Oct 2007
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    MWL, I'm very sorry to hear your news. I know I do and I have no doubt others here know how post-trigger symptoms (and LP support) can really mess with your head making you feel like you've got pg symptoms. I hope that things look brighter for you and that you can spend some time with DH away from the pressures of IVF and heal. BB will always be here and we will always support you and be here as much as we can, if you need. I'm sending you lots of hugs and care and concern and hope that we will be able to see you again sooner and not later.

    Take care, hun :hugs:

    W1, are you due to have another b/t at all? Many clinics will order you another b/t after 2-3 days if your HCG level is inconclusive on the first one because you could still be pregnant.

    It's obviously a very frustrating time, but with all the artificial hormones your body has been put on recently and coming straight off that into another FET cycle, it may be difficult to know how your body's natural hormones are going to function after the stimulation cycle, and I guess AF / LP can become unpredictable as a result. If you have had a chemical pregnancy then this could also delay AF.

    I'm sorry it's such a difficult time, W1. I know the feeling of just wanting to get on with the next try when you haven't been successful. I hope that you have conclusive answers really soon (either AF showing up or another b/t) that can confirm what is going for you so you can move forward either way. Thinking of you lots.

    Miss C

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    Apr 2007
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    MWL sorry to hear we are still here if you need us.

    W1 Ditto to miss C hang in there may still be a BFP for you

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    waiting1 Guest

    AF came. Finally an answer. BT is due thurs so off I go again. Should be about 14 days until next transfer.....

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    waiting1 Guest

    PS if there are any cycle buddies who go through the same 2ww it would be great to hear from you

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    I'm glad you have an answer, W1 Wicked AF. She keeps you guessing and stressing right to the end. I'm sorry about your BFN, but I'm glad you're looking forward to the next transfer. I wish you lots of luck and that you get a chance to rest for a couple of weeks before it all starts again.

    I'm due to start stims for my cycle on 11th Jan so I'll be right behind you by a few days / maybe a week if all goes well and I get to transfer...

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    Oh that is great - we will be around the same time !!!! I feel much better now AF has come and I have an answer. I meant to ask miss C did you do any FETs I notice you are doing your second round of ICSI straight away?
    are you not using your frozen? MIVF wont allow another stim cycle until all frozen are used. the FET although disappointing it didn't work... was sooooo much easier on my body - as it it all happened or didn't naturally....

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    kellrobryan Guest

    home tests

    on a home test when is the best time to test and im sure i read somewhere about drinking water but i dont remember if it said to drink alot of water before testing or not to drink to much
    any ideas

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    First morning urine is the best , drinking lots my work if your AF is late , good luck

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    Hi W1

    I'm a bit of a strange one at MIVF. DH and I are moving to the UK permanently in under two months, so our Dr at MIVF has allowed us the exception of going straight on to another stim cycle after our first one, even though we have one frozen embie. This is in order to ensure that we use the time we have left before we leave in the best way possible. With only one embie in storage, we risk wasting a month for a cycle if that one we have doesn't thaw. We wouldn't have time after that to do another stim cycle before we were due to leave. So FS thought it would be a good idea to do another stim cycle straight away, including effectively using the break over Christmas for down-reg and if unsuccessful this stim cycle with ET, then we have more embies to for a very quick medicated FET before we're due to leave at the end of Feb, without risking the loss of our only one now. Complicated, but I think we're using the time available as best we can. We want more than one child in our family, so any embryos left after we leave for the UK we will come back for in the future, whether we're successful this time or not.

    I guess back to back stim cycles are unusual, but when AF came after my BFN, I felt like it only took a day or two of AF to completely recover from the stim cycle and feel like my normal self again - this was another factor that allowed FS to say lets move on straight away - I responded (relatively) well and, even more so, recovered quickly from the first stim cycle.

    We're so keen, as no doubt everyone is, to have our family started sooner rather than later, especially with our imminent move so I was more than willing to go through another stim cycle straight away in order to help this process.

    Phew! There's the whole story - sorry for the lengthy description

    It's definitely good to have someone around who will be going through the TWW with you - it really does help to have other people to bounce off and vent the frustration of the wait. You'll find there may be a few more ladies who have been quiet over the Christmas/New Year's break when the clinics are closed who are waiting to start new cycles in the next few weeks too - it'll be a hive of activity before long! Plenty of people who'll be there with us at the same time!

    Enjoy the two weeks off before it all starts again, hun. I hope you get a chance to take it easy in the heat we're having. Are you having another natural cycle or a medicated one? I'm sure a natural one would be heaps easier than a stim or medicated cycle, as you say!

    Last OCP today - woohoo! Now just waiting for AF to do her thing and then hopefully start stims on 11th.

    Miss C

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    Kell, drink the normal amount you would i.e. don't dehydrate yourself, but don't drink excessive amounts of fluid. If you drink too much it will dilute the levels of and HCG in your urine making it harder to show a result which is accurate. This is why they suggest using FMU (first morning urine) as bettyboop says - this is when there is the best concentration of any HCG in your urine as it's had time to build up overnight whilst your asleep.

    Good Luck with the test!

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    Hi All,
    I am back to this thread again. BFN just came in. Bugger, feeling pretty low right now, but at least I have the results to move forward.......
    Will speak more soon.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your BFN Peta....sending you lots of hugs your way.

    Well everyone I had my BT today.....i already POAS well several of them and just had to have the confirmation of it all. So yes its finally happened, a BFP......wishing eveyone lots of luck with there up and coming BT's and lots of hugs to everyone else.


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    Peta, I sent you hugs in the TWW thread, but I'm sending you more hugs here :hugs:
    I'm so sorry, hun. We are all here with you.

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    Peta - sorry for your BFN hun

    Claire - congrats on your BFP - may this be the start of a run of happier news in here

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    Claire, congratulations! Wonderful news!
    I wish you a healthy and joy filled pregnancy!

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    Congratulations Claire! Wonderful news! Wishing you a H&H PG

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    slyder Guest

    W1 and Peta, we all understand how you're feeling at the moment (more or less). Fingers crossed for success on your next attempt.

    Claire, a big congratulations on your success.

    The rollercoaster of IVF. When someone is at the top of the ride, someone else is at the bottom. The good news is for those people at the bottom right at the moment - you'll make it to the top before long.

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    New thread time, groovers.

    May 2008 be our year.

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