Had my BT and scan yesterday. My oestrogen levels were still fairly low so my FSH dosage has been increased from 225 to 375 a day. I have 5 10mm follicles on my left ovary which the FS said will be very easy for him to get to. The BAD news is that I have a 4 cm endometrioma on my R side. This is only 3 and a half months after laparoscopy. I think it has been there for 2 months too because thats when the pain on that side first started. My Dr said we will just concentrate on the L side for now. Getting pg is most important thing at the moment and I will have to put up with the pain. He said we will get aggressive with my IVF treatment so i can get pg asap before too much endo grows back (i have a very severe case). I wonder if that means we can have 2 embryos transferred if we get 2?? We were previously told only one. We would be so over the moon to have twins. I am having another bt and scan on monday so will ask him then.
As you can imagine it was very upsetting to hear about the return of the endo. It REALLY sux. I have had 2 surgeries in the last 6 months already.
Feeling a bit better today and trying to just focus on the possibility of getting pg and trying to ignore the endo.