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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - August/September '05

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    lovely story Leis - and so cute all the :bellyrub:
    hope it is a lucky omen for you

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    Blue Sky Guest

    LOL Lies - would have been funny to be a fly on the wall!! LOL to the 'baby juice' too! hehehee (TMI warning) my DH calls my pessaries "cottage cheese" as he was with me when the nurse discribed the discharge as being like... cottage cheese!!

    Good to hear from you Ness. Had been thinking of you petal. Hope your follies are growing big and strong!

    Rach - that was a sweet thing for your friend to say. I still have my fingers crossed for you.

    Sorry Caz - I might have missed a post. Is there a problem with your bleeding? Oh - the no bleeding. (duh!) Hope everything is ok.

    I spoke to the MIVF nurses today (they must be sick of my voice!!) and told them about my test yesterday. They said I can come off all the meds now and AF should show in about 3 days. I'm actually looking forward to it as it will bring some closure. Weird I know, but I just want to forget about this one and start fresh. Not that I think I'll ever forget my little bean as I feel as though, even if it was only for a little while, that we had made a special connection. Ugh, hope you get what I mean.

    Have a great night girls,

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    I am so sorry Blue
    you have every right to have a connection to your little bean - it was a very special baby and your hopes and dreams were a part of this little life. Take care of your heart and I do understand.

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    Feb 2005
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    I am so sorry blue

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    Aug 2005

    Hi Blue
    Not much I can add except that I'm thinking of you.
    Big hug

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    Sep 2004

    Ali - like you I am still waiting for AFs arrival. I have a 'feeling' she'll arrive on Thursday. (BTW totally HATE how they say, hey maybe you're pregnant or something like, well if you relax maybe AF will come =; )

    Humphrey - great news on your well behaving ovaries! Looking forward to hearing how your transfer goes on Sat - everything crossed for you.

    Trish - you know you are the absolute god of personal posts! =D> well done! Looks like we might be very close to being cycle buds this time around. Thanks for the hint on Angelique, too.

    Tam - Thats fantastic that you are looking at having your transfer on Sunday! WooHoo!

    Zap - sorry havent heard anything about the bubs... :-k

    So for me still just waiting AFs arrival to start FET - of course, she is late (as is her usual form when you are waiting for her!!)

    Today had a really emotional day. Two of my best friends are pg. One phoned me to tell me she had the u/s and is expecting a boy, the other phoned to tell me she had a miscarriage today. Feel awful for her.

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Thanks guys. I didn't mean to sound so :-({|= But your support is wonderful and grately appreciated.

    Keen, so sorry to hear you're having a rough day and about your friend's miscarriage. Hope AF arrives soon for you.

    I keep rubbing my puppies feet for everyone!
    (hmmm, I might change my name to something more positive..)

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    good morning sunshine
    hope the bright new day makes you feel blessed and thankful for one more day here (and on easrth)

    Keen I am so sorry for your friend's loss . Words are just not enough to say how much she will be hurting - as you well know & Blue

    Blue-never feel like you are :-({|= - cry us a river if you have too and we will be here to wipe your tears. You had every reason to mourn and storm whatever you like. Ask the moderators to change you name if you like H -

    take care - :sleeping: you rarely see me up till hour unless I am going for b/t - though O is days away ...

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    Morning ladies

    Hope you're all well...

    I had my first puregon injection this morning - DH has proved adept with the needle, hardly felt a thing...any advice on possible side-effects (moodiness, etc.)?

    I took a mental health day yesterday - was just feeling a little overwhelmed with everything and just wanted a day off work to relax and cry when I wanted to...I feel a bit better today and may prescribe that treatment once a week!


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    Sep 2004
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    you can variously be moody, tired, grumpy, weepy, bloated, nauseous, but hopefully not all at once. Good that DH is adept with the the needle, I swear my DH took great pleasure in jabbing me with a sharp object after a while, especially when the the meds made me easily angry with him! Lol!

    Blue, you are so NOT a complainer! Lol!


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    Jan 2004
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    Leisa, what a beautiful story that was about the rubbing bellies. Hope it does the trick.
    Amanda - yep once a week sounds spot on for your mental health.
    Trish, have been thinking of you. thanks for asking about me. I have sent my advertisement for an egg donor to the Minister for Health, as in Victoria you have to get his approval, so we are on our way to officially advertising. then the fun starts I guess - a bit like a very emotional job interview with the donor and recipient getting to know each other. But am going to the doctor on Monday to see if it is worth doing one IVF cycle with my eggs. Not sure what she will say.
    Sue, hope you get to have another go - I have read some of your other posts about EPU time influencing success and I think you are right in that a weekly pickup can't be best.
    Blue, I am so sorry you are back here but hope it is not for long.
    Keen, everytime I am here you are waiting for AF - ](*,) Hope you arrives soon and those snow bubbies thaw nicely.

    Hope everyone is going well. There are so many new people I have lost track of where you are all up to but good luck.

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    you can variously be moody, tired, grumpy, weepy, bloated, nauseous, but hopefully not all at once.

    Thank goodness I am not the only one, I was starting to think I was back on clomid! :evil: <<< me!

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    Dec 2003
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    Hi guys! I haven't logged on all week so I've just been reading all the posts. I'm so sorry for Caz and Blue - keep smiling lovely ladies because it will happen. I know that for a fact because that is what everyone keeps telling me after my latest !!!! (Trish, thanks for asking!) Nevermind, back on a down reg cycle and hopefully LOTS of googies this time. I hope everyone is well and good luck to everyone in the middle of injecting/testing/waiting.

    Good to see you back Anney, how is everything going?

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    okay so my HCG level is back to Zero so its really all over.

    The funny thing is starting yesterday I started getting ovulation pains and sore BB'ies.
    So it looks like I may be ovulating now and the nurse says its quite possible. CRAZY!!!

    I have to wait till I start bleeding to get back on the IVF trail. The Doc says I may not even bleed from this biochemical pregnancy!! go figure!!


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