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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - September '05 #2

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    Dec 2003
    Not London

    Mmmm...choc toffee muffins...10 were made but now only 6 exist. There are only two of us in the house so work the maths... 8-[

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    Sep 2004

    Anney - I hope AF shows her ugly head (although if she doesn't Im desperately hoping is for a great reason [-o< )

    Cazz - Sweetie I really wish there was more that could be said to help you feel a bit better. Hope things start happening soon.

    Humphrey - Ive ordered a courier to bring you forty five tonne of sticky vibes your way, I hope thats enough. Everything crossed for you! WOOHOO! now you go and rest up.

    Bluesky - Yep, this is my first FET. I have two snowbubs left from last cycle, so am hoing desperately that both thaw so they can both be back where they belong! Thanks for the puppy paw rub, too! Hope you get your assignment done, on time.

    Tam - bummer about having to wait a bit longer for transfer. Im sure this one will be a sticky one :bluestick: inkstick:

    Kelly - Like you, my clinic is not open on weekends, which I find really annoying! Im sure everything will be ok, but totally unerstand your concerns.

    Ann - Long time no see, darlin! Great news to hear you are looking at a transfer on 15th. Thats pretty close to me - mine will be 27th Sept and we are also having two put back. Here's to both of us getting outta here with big baby filled bellies \/

    Bee - can hardly blame you about the muffins - I want some now and am tempted to make some just because you mentioned them (hows that for willpower - pathetic, hey!)

    This HRT FET feels weird - because I know Im now on the way to things happening, but because its just a few tablets each day at the moment, doesnt feel like anything much is happening right now. Am really looking forward to b/t and u/s next Monday.

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    Aug 2005

    Hi everyone
    Sorry to hear that Racheal Go the herbs. Don't forget to get that special cup - at least it'll look a little better.
    OK Humphrey all pigs fed and ready to fly. I have planted 12 cornflower seedlings for you. They’re all different colours – blue, white, pink, red, mauve, maroon etc. Also planted some lavender and some crimson gazanias with silver/blue leaves. So, all the pinks, blues etc should takes care of the sex. As in gender, not bd. Not that it matters if it’s a boy or girl….
    Glad the spotting has settled Kelly. I know what you mean about not having answers for things. Rest up til Monday.
    Bee, I'm guessing the muffin-smuggler stole 4 muffins. How rude....
    Hi Keen. Happy things are happening for you after waiting so long for :af: You won't be waiting for her for a long time.
    Hi Bluesky - I know you're still there. Up to 300 words yet? That's not including BB words.
    Trish......how and where are you? I hope all's ok and things are on track for your FET. You must be getting close?
    Hope you feeling a little better now Cazz.
    Waiting, waiting, waiting. It's all we seem to do *Tam*. Very frustrating for you.
    To everyone else, good luck. I think I've actually planted enough seedlings today for all of you having transfers in September.....
    Sue :luck:

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    Girls I need your help and advice.
    this morning I was woken by stitch like pain in my right side. no problem really thought maybe I had done something when I was asleep.
    Today it has gotten gradually worse to the point that I cant take a step without wincing and almost crying in pain.
    Do you think this could have something to do with the IVF and the fact I have not had any bleeding yet? If it persists and especially if it gets worse. I would go see a doctor but I dont want to have go through all the IVF stuff with a doctor who does not know me.

    The only thing is It is on my right side. I know all the cramps I had after transfer(which I knew was implantation) and all the cramps I had over the time I was spoting were all on the left.
    I have never felt this kind of pain before.


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    Aug 2005

    Hi Cazz
    I'd get off to a dr toot-sweet. Particularly as it's been getting worse through the day. It may be something totally unrelated to IVF. Hard to believe there are actually other parts of the body when LT TTC.....
    Try not to be concerned about explaining your IVF history to a dr you may not know. Just tell him what you've just been through in this cycle. Better to be safe than sorry. Don't want to wake up during the night feeling worse.
    That post probably made you feel worse. Hope it hasn't #-o

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, I'd get to a Dr too so I could sleep ok knowing what it was - I am a born worrier though!

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    Sep 2004

    Cazz - can you contact the clinic you did IVF through? Perhaps they can have a look or make a suggestion. If not, then certainly go and see someone else - like Kelly said, even if just for peace of mind.

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    Jul 2005

    hey Caz honey you better see a Dr ASAP!!! Don't mess around honey..

    Humphrey heres heaps of inkstick: to you sweetie..

    Tomorrow brings day 3 of the IVF treatment.. I feel myself getting stronger... as each day goes by.. still finding it hard and everytime i look at the lucrin amp in the fridge i think "God I can't believe I have to go through all this to have a child" "I am living proof that IUD's don't work for Gods sake"

    Anyway enough about my :-({|= hope everyone else is doing fine.. until tomorrow..

    Cheers (on non alcoholic cider)

    Firemansgirl xx Leis x

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    Feb 2005

    Hello Ladies,

    Just wanting to wish you all good luck and stacks of sticky vibes.

    Humphrey - great news about the transfer and hope it all goes well.

    Cazz - that pain is a worry ... hope you got yourself off to the doctor yesterday.

    Bee - I'm going to add choc toff muffins to the grocery list today thanks to your post. Shortly after I add them to the list, I'm going to add them to my ever expanding ar$e ...

    Zap - those herbs sound potent ... I remember the tonic the naturopath used to give me to drink. It was black and sinister but it really brought on that EWCM like you wouldn't believe.

    Blue - I love the new name. Can't believe there's someone on Home and Away doing IVF! I thought all the stars were teenagers which shows how much I know.

    Kelly - I love your blog. I read a lot of those infertility blogs too. They kept me sane.

    Keen, Trish. Anney, Sue, Tam and others .... best of luck guys and I'm thinking of you all. Sorry if I have left anyone out.

    Hang in there girls.



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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi all,

    Mel - good to see you! Hope things are going well with you!
    Cazz - Hope you have listened to these wize girls and popped yourself off to the Dr. Best that you go through a bit of annoying history than to be in pain and worry. I hope you feel better soon petal.
    Leis - you'll get there pet. Keep believing it.
    Sue - would love to see your garden, it sounds like its going to be blooming beautiful!! Word count is coming along - am now worried that I may have gone over the limit #-o .
    Humph - am sending some more :bluestick: your way - can never have too many!
    Trish - are you transferring this week? puppy paw pats for you petal!
    Keen - I know what you mean about not feeling as though much is happening with the tablets. I almost missed the jabbs! I will be crossing my fingers for you for the 27th!!
    I'd best be back to it.. am procrastinating yet again. But productively so I think!!
    Hope you're all doing well and the weekend has recharged your batteries to get through another week!
    Love & kisses
    BlueSky (formerly just blue)

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    Blue Sky Guest

    #-o #-o #-o
    Sorry about the double post!

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    May 2005
    South Australia

    Name - Chele
    State - SA
    My Previous Cycle Length - 31, 24, 29
    Cycle Type - Natural
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC - 6 #2, 18 #1
    Medications - Folate
    Important Dates - Cycle due 17th so will book on for FET on Day 1

    :bdust: dust: :bluestick: inkstick:

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    Aug 2005

    Welcome Chele to BB
    Welcome Chele to BB
    Welcome Chele to BB
    You'll get lots of support and a few giggles in here.
    PS I think there's a posting bug in here.....

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Yes - get the exterminator!!
    Welcome Chele!! Hope your stay here is a short one!

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    Apr 2005

    Hi girls

    Welcome Chele!!!!!

    Quick update on me......... Still waiting for AF, she is now 10 days late! Rang nurses friday and they want me to have a bt tomorrow, told them there was no chance (you have to do the wild thing for that to even be a remote possibility right????) Anyway, they said I need to have it just in case and they will then prescribe me with something to bring on AF. I'm getting extremely impatient now!!

    Hope all the TWW girls are doing well and keeping away from those wicked HPT's.

    Am hitting the sack early tonight, am absolutely tuckered!!!

    Love to all

    Ali xxxxxxxxxx

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    Jul 2005

    MMM i think the forum has a NASTY BUG.. all these repeating of posts.. gee wizzers.. and i thought i was going balmy!!!!

    inkstick: to all

    love Leis xx

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    Nov 2004

    Good mOrning all

    And welcome chele

    Well dh has gone away for work again and is gone the whole week so i will be learking around bb 24/7!

    Good luck to everyone in the ttw I have about a week to go and then my ttw will start.

    I do have a question. Af is coming on time every month but i seem to only really have her for a day and a half and the other two or three days spotting. Does this make a differance should i tel my doc??


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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Dammit. Scan this morning showed dominant follicle from last thursday has only grown 1 measly mm. The one on the left has grown 3-6mm though. She said the next scan will be telling. If they haven't done anything I may be cancelled
    On the upside she said it looks like they are kicking in, my CM has increased, I have a good lining and there has been SOME growth. I need these follicles to grow like 8-10mm in the next 3 days or so. Next scan will be either wed/thurs and dose likely to stay the same. Pleeeeeease grow follis, pleeeease, I am so scared of being cancelled. [-o< [-o<

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