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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - September '05 #2

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    Nov 2004

    Babybliss- I am [-o< for you follies and will keep everything


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    Jul 2005

    oh bb.. i too am [-o< for you honey.. there would be nothing worse than coming all this way to have it all canned.. think positive, and fill yourself with the healthiest of foods, protein and lots of leafy greens.. to get those little bugger growing like jacks bean stalk..

    I on the other hand have spent half the day on the phone to Sydney IVF clinic trying to sort out all the issues with having bloods and scans done. because we live 3.5 hours from the clinic, I am having to have scans/bloods done in Port Macquarie a good 1 hours drive away. And one of my scans falls on the long weekend so this means i have to drive to sydney for this scan.... oh i am sure it will be ok and it will all be worth it in the long run.. enough :-({|= from me now.. take care and heaps of :bdust: to everyone..

    love leis xx

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Kelly - I'm sure your follies were just snoozing, give them a stern talking to and I shall send some follie fertilizer your way.

    Ali - I'm very cross with witcheepoo. How dare she not arrive on time! That's just plain rude. I'm sure she's just around the corner and shall be a knockin very soon.

    Tam - thinking of your snowbubs today and hope they made the thaw. It's so nerve-wracking isn't it?

    I'm still crampy every now and then but otherwise I can almost forget what's going on. This natural FET is a breeze! Bugger those nasty stim cycles.

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Ok, sooo yet another scan thurs morning. Im not to have synarel that morning, they seem to expect insemination will be friday "all going well". I did ask if there is any growth at all will we keep going with it? and She said "oh yes definitely" - so I guess only if nothing at all happens will they cancel so feel a bit better now. Staying at same dose til then.


    Leis I thought I had it bad with a 1hr trip everyweek. 3.5 hours is a whole different ball game! I keep chanting that too and its true - will all be worth it!

    Rachael, I have no idea whether your AF is normal or not really, I guess mentioning it to the Dr cant hurt!

    Ali, I hope you get the witch soon, shes such a cow, she NEVER comes when shes sposed to, and then arrives when you DON'T want her!

    Thanks for the nice blog comments, mine is really just to keep me sane, but there are some terrificly (sp? is it even a word?!) witty ones out there that I love to read!

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    Gillian Guest

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to keep up with everything that goes on in here and am finding it a little bit difficult to keep track!!

    AF arrived for me yesterday on my anniversary, lucky me, so this is my last month of IUI's and then onto IVF.

    Maybe when I'm on IVF and up with the lingo I will be able to keep up with you guys a little bit easier!

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    cazzoom Guest

    Hi guys!

    Update on my pain situation.
    I spoke to the nurse today at dandenong and told her what was going on. She in turn spoke to Kate and she said that she thinks the pain is from the corpus luteam of the left over empty follicles breakign down.
    She said if the pain lingers to go in and see her. I have decided to wait 24 hours and if the pain is still there to make an appt to see her ASAP

    not much I can do about it apparantly so I am on panadine and rest when I can!


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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Hope the pain improves Cazz, try and rest up honey. This has got to be over soon - doesn't it?

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    Sep 2004

    Ali - That is so bizarre that she hasnt arrived. Hopefully the bt will show what is going on (wish I could be hopeful for a miracle, but alas you are right doing the deed is necessary for conception - when not assisted in another way, that is!)

    Chele - welcome sweetie. Hope you aren't here for very long!

    Racheal - not sure about the short af.... I have always had pretty short AF, but was never told it was an issue. Would assume yours isnt either - but best to ask your doc's advice anyway - just to be sure.

    Kell - Im sending you all the FOLLIE GROWING vibes I can right now, hope they reach you in time. Hang in there sweetheart, its amazing how much those little fellas can grow in a few days.... I dont know if this helps or not but when I was overstimulating they told me to stay as still as possible because increases your levels.... maybe you should ask whether you should the opposite...(??)

    Leis - Hope they work something out for you for your scans. Must be hard having to travel so far....

    Humphrey - Im with you, these FET cycles are a breeze comparatively hey! I'd do this every month, no worries, given the chance!

    Gillian - Happy anniversary for yesterday, sorry the evil cow turned up though. Guarantee you will pick up on the IVF lingo in no time and there are no stupid questions, so feel free to ask away if you like.

    Cazz - I had similar situation after my cancelled cycle in December where I overstimulated and had over 50 follies. Didnt even think to make the connection that may have been what you were experiencing, sorry. It did ease up after a few days for me, but I found resting helped as did drinking a fair amount of water. Hope it gets better for you really soon, sweetie.

    Less than a week to go until my scan and BT.... hope everything is going ok in there. Dont feel much different - just a little bit gassy and a bit teary as well.

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    Feb 2005

    All done here for me, officially in the TWW but with being a blast it's only just over one week. So I really think these FETs are great (compared to IVF cycle). So my important date is BT on 22 September (next Thursday).
    And I thought Humphrey & I need some :bdust: in the summary & of course anyone else I can't think of.
    Hoping to love you & leave you this month ladies, lol!!!!!

    Racheal, I have a short AF as well, never thought of it as a problem & no one has ever said so. In the end I just think myself lucky.

    Chele welcome in & Gillian feel free to drop in, hoping your next cycle works so you don't have to learn the IVF lingo.

    Ali, hope that witch shows up, we wait enough but worse when it's waiting for a cycle to start.

    Kelly I hope your wait ends up with good news, at least then it doesn't seem that bad (or you forget the hassle it was)

    Cazz, hope it sorts itself out for you

    Blue, hope you're going along well
    Sue, would LOVE to see your garden, and it's not even quite spring weather.

    Take care

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    Jan 2005

    Hi everyone.
    Gillian I was wondering how you got on. Thought you must have been coming to the end of your TWW. Sorry to here the news wasn't good. I am still in the last few days of my TWW this is it for me b4 ivf so maybe we will continue to be cycle buddies.
    Cazz hope the pain settles soon.
    Tam I agree about the :bdust: dust: :bdust: dust: for all!!!

    I went with my best friend to her dr appt today (she is 34weeks) and I got to hear the heartbeat. It was very cool.

    Well three days to go!! [-o< 4

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    cazzoom Guest

    Hi again guys!

    I woke up this morning bleeding........YAY!!!
    Now I have to call the nurse again(she is going to be so sick of hearing from me) to tell her so I can get back on this road.
    I have decided that I am going to see the doc anyway cos I want to discuss the reason I keep losing pregnancies at 5 weeks and to also ask(if i get them) to have two embies put in next time. as well as talk about the pain. The thing is though the pain(as yet) is no worse now I am bleeding so I hope it is just what kate said it is!

    Shez good luck for your BFP

    Tam will keep my fingers crossed for you

    Keen I will take your advice and fill up on water today to seeif that helps!

    Thanks everyone else. I hope you are all doing okay!


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    amandaw Guest

    AIH today!

    Hi all

    Shez, was wondering how you got on...have my fingers crossed for you!

    Well, found out yesterday that today's the day for my AIH - was a little surprised...didn't think it would be until later this week, since it's only day 11 today...we had our first ultrasound yesterday and I had one big follicle about 19mm and then got the phone call with the news...

    "Tomorrow?" I said, aghast..."but what about the trigger?"

    "Oh, just do it when you get home", they said.

    Am I worrying too much that the timing's wrong - when everything I've read says the trigger should be given at least 24-36 hours before ovulation?

    I guess I should trust the drs - they know what they're doing...right?

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    Feb 2005

    Oooh, Tam and Shez ... best of luck.

    Cazz, I'm so relieved AF is finally here. Hope your talk with the doctor goes well. The explanation about the corpora lutea sounds pretty plausible to me. I imagine that would be pretty painful, considering your body normally only has one to contend with.

    Gillian - so sorry that the last cycle wasn't the one. I had six unsuccessful inseminations after three years of trying on my own and then on our first IVF cycle, we conceived. I hope your next try is the one for a BFP but if you do have to move on to IVF. just wanted to reassure you that what sometimes seems like a scary last resort can be the answer to your prayers.

    Kelly - yay for Friday and I hope it all goes well in the meantime.

    Humphrey - Glad you found this natural FET cycle so pleasant and I hope the pay off is a big fat positive at the end.

    Leis - Hope all that travelling and organising pays off for you too. Best of luck.

    Zap - my AF was usually very heavy for two days then much less on day three and just spotting by day four. I know this can vary from woman to woman. If it's different from your normal pattern it's always worth asking about.

    Ali - how did your BT go? Hope everything is okay.

    Blue, Keen, Trish, Anney, Bee and others I have missed ...

    Thinking of you guys.



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    Feb 2005


    I just missed your post ... sorry. Good luck with the insemination. The little swimmers can survive quite a while once they are up in the fallopian tubes. Maybe the doc decided that follicle looks like it could go at any minute and they don't want to miss it. So long as the little guys are waiting there for the egg, you'll be right as rain. Hope it all goes well.


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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Thanks for popping in Mel - hope you haven't been suffering too much with M/S.

    Cazz- that's great news about AF! I hope your Doc can shed some light on your queries.

    Tam - congrats on making it to transfer. Are you enjoying the oogy pessaries as much as I am.....

    Trish - we haven't heard from you for a while honey, hope you are taking care of yourself. O must be soon.

    Amanda - good luck for AIH today and welcome to the TWW.

    Keen - sorry you've been a bit teary honey. This next FET is gonna be the one for you, I can just feel it in my waters.

    Shez - not long now.......... any symptoms????

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    Nov 2004

    Good morning all,

    I just can't stay away fromBB!!

    Cazz- Hooray for AF she finally found her way!

    Amanda good luck with your AIH today :happy4u:

    Keen- This i have everything crossed for you

    DH and i have just been asked to be godparnets to my girlfriends baby in December. So far this year we have christened my nephew and DH was his cousins sponser for his confirmation. I went to the jewller yesterday for the third time this year and she advised that i start giving crappy presents!!

    Take Care everyone


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    Feb 2005

    Good morning

    Cazz, yah for it finally happening & hope you get a good chat with the dr

    Shez, didn't realise you were so far along your TWW, hope it comes out good, you can be the first to exit.

    Amanda, hope it goes well today. I asked my nurses about the deal with different trigger/IUI times, it seemed to be different each cycle & they said it depends on everything overall (follie size & hormone levels).

    Humphrey, yep hate the pessaries as well. The clinic must have had a supplier change, they've gone from bullets to little space shuttles, lol. What is the actual date of your test? Mine is 22/9 (my niece's birthday)

    Hope everyone has a nice day

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I'm the 21st Tam. But just between you me and the rest of BB, I doubt that I shall last that long. My cycles are spot on 28 days so it's highly unlikely that I'll wait till CD 31 if AF hasn't turned up. I'm thinking I'll probably POAS Monday. I know I'm weak.

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