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thread: LT TTC & Assisted Conception - September '05 #4

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Sorry Amanda I totally understand how you are feeling. I am almost ill at times wondering about if it has worked or not... Its impossible not to hope.

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Kell - I don't envy you in that blasted wait. It's a killer. The only thing almost as bad is NOT DOING ANYTHING - I hate this limbo land, just waiting for the next cycle to start.

    Hang in there honey - what day is your BT?

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Next Monday. 7 sleeps! I agree, waiting for something to happen so you can feel you're at least actively doing something again is just as bad. Actually I think its worse. As much as I hate them, the pessaries at least give me a feeling of having some control over fate (as untrue as that actually is). I usually have an LP of 10-11 days, am hoping the pessaries lengthen that a bit, but will be terrified and knicker checking madly from Friday onwards...

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    My LP was 20 (usually 13-14) which gave me false hope - stoopid pessaries :evil:

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    ann Guest

    Well I had my BT this morning, I won't find out the results until around 7.00pm, I'm not holding out much hope, but DH and a GF at work still think that I am pg, I only wish that I was the optomistic. I won't post this evening if it is a BFN, but just watch out if by some miracle it turns out to be a you know what

    Hope to write to you real soon


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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    All the best Ann - I hope you get to post good news here [-o<

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Hello I am back in action and ready to :smt043

    I have missed you gals. Having a big crisis of all sorts and I needed a break - not so much from you gals but I was miserable because or so many things happening on on top the other.I hate bringing down the mood.

    Thank you for all your thoughts and good wishes the past few weeks.It menat so much.

    Humphrey - :flower: thanks for popping in to say hi the other day.I had a long luteal phase too after my FET - just enough to get hopes up before they crashed.

    Tam & Humphrey - I was so sorry that your FET wasn't successful.

    We might be cycling together - I am day 3 BCP - and start sniffing Synarel 13/10 , not sure about Puregon but OPU is NOV 11-13th or 9-11th I am so forgetful I can't remember lucky they are posting me a cycle sheet

    I was told over and over get used to the waiting but it still still sucks.

    I was feeling pretty low :-({|= last month -especially after the clinic nurse told me I might not get in for another cycle this month when I talking about what if my embie didn't make it. I was so scared I might not get in again this year -she wasn't encouraging at all and had me so upset. All for nothing - I got in no problems.
    Mind you I read another lady in SA was told she had 5 month wait- they are so booked out down there - they keep bumping people who have already waited months on the BCP. So I consider myself blessed to be in NSW. Some people fly to MEL & SYD for treatment

    Hi AJ - hope you stay is short and sweet

    Amanda - sorry that AF has shown up. Sorry it wasn't the result you hoped for on 1st AIH.

    Ann - been thinking of you the 2ww is so tortuous and physically & mentally stressful. I have never made it to beta but that wait would be the worse - Pray for it being the last for a long while. Got to be a good sign if no AF.

    Kelly - you too - it really is a time of great hopefulness and as same time we are so scared of the unknown.

    Ali - you have been quiet - where are you up to have you started injections when is your OPU. How is your Dad ?

    Bee - how are you - not long til your start sniffing - I am going to be 2 weeks behind you.

    Ann- I have been thinking of you - no news from you since Saturday -your symptoms sounded spot on .Remember we are here for you

    Keen - you must be so excited now you are 1 day to your FET - I have everything crossed for you.

    Bluesky - Heather - when does your HRT FET start ?

    Cazz - I read your post .It sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place - either way . The best result is 2 BFP's and two new little cuz's but life don't go the way we plan or like it too. I can't say be strong but you can support each other through this - like we all do here. A good heart to heart about what if .... and how you can help each other if only one or other does get BFP.

    Chele - hope bloodtests levels are higher and FET happens this week.Thinking of you for your 6 months anniversary of your angel yesterday too. It is a hard milestone to get through/past.

    Chris - hope you pop in and share your news we have missed you special lady.

    Leisa - when do start injecting ?

    Hi Gillian not sure if I welcomed you yet - I hope you find much support and information to help you along this babyquest .

    Mel09 - not sure if you have been posting

    Ness - you have been MIA for a while too. I hope you are okay. I have wondering what you were up to?

    Shezabelle - I am sorry you last IUI was a bust but how fortunate you could move straight to IVF - not long now till you start sniffing. You will be a week ahead of me. Hope this is a success for you

    Racheal - yay on half way through 2ww - another day closer to a BFP

    Sue - I hope you are okay today.Don't you love the rain in Sydney

    Tam - you have so many blast snowbubs - you have to strike it lucky very soon.

    hi also to our wonderful Mods Kathryn,Angel,Sarah & Lucy

    Well this my 1000th post and I have to thank all you ladies & Belly belly for everything.

    Sorry if I missed anyone :-s but I really should get back to work.

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    Nov 2004

    Welcome back Trish!!

    and congratulations on your 1000th post \/

    Nice to have you back we have all missed you

    take Care

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    Apr 2005

    Hi Trish,

    So glad to have you back, I've missed you sooooooooo much and been thinking of you a lot. I hope your doing ok.

    I'm in full swing with my cycle now, I started clomid last Wed and finished them on Sun, I also started Gonal F 300iu last Thursday and am getting quite sore.

    I have a scan on Wed morning so will know more then.

    Have been so busy with work that I haven't had a chance to get on the computer, but will be having some time off shortly so I'll be back with you all again and you won't be able to get rid of me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ann - Best of luck with your blood test xxxxxxxxxxx

    Love to all

    Ali xxxxx

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    Apr 2005

    Amanda - So sorry, big hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Ooooh Trish - we shall be cycle buddies this time. I start my Lucrin around the same time as your sniffing. Yay! We can keep each other company on the ride -all stops to up the duff

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    amandaw Guest

    thank you all for your thoughts and kind words...although two years of trying seems like an eternity to me I know that many of you have been at this for a lot longer...I just want you all to know how much I admire your strength and determination. I feel fortunate to be in the company of such incredible women.

    Onward and upward, eh? O

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    Jul 2005

    Ann will be thinking of you tonight.. best of luck sweetie.. there has to be good news just around the corner..

    Amanda sorry about the news.. was hoping it would be a bfp!!! xxx

    TRISH... your back YAH!!!!!! So glad to see you around mate.. have missed you heaps...

    I have already started the lucrin injections, sydney IVF don't use synarel, i have just had my period.. felt like i had the whole 5 days of it in one day.. and start my puregon 125 units on friday (FSH).. I have had to do alot of organising to have scans done, need to travel 1 hour north to Port Macquarie for them, and they don't scan on weekends so I am heading to newcastle for one. EPU is round about hopefully 12th-16th of October..they say because of my age i shouldn't take long to stimulate! we are getting close!!! Hoping to see some BFP around here soon.. to much BFN's... glad you are back.. look forward to hearing more about you soon..

    love and hugs

    leis x

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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness

    Amanda, I'm so sorry about AF coming, stupid witch, doesn't know when she's not wanted!

    Ann, good luck hunny! I don't know if I'll be checking in later today, but will try my hardest!


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    May 2005
    South Australia

    =D> \/ Well done on 1000 Posts Trish wow you must have got typers cramp after that message

    Amanda sorry for your bad news

    Anne [-o< you post tonight with a

    My update again is another BT tomorrow as levels are getting close but not yet close enough. ](*,) How frustrating 8-[ waiting and hoping for any day transfer.

    Good luck to all others waiting on

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    Nov 2004

    well i have completed on task on my tww list!!!

    there are 25 items on the list!!!

    Feeling really blocked up in the head today and very short of breath.

    Keep on getting twinges on my left side every now and again any suggestions as to what that might be???

    Take Care

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    Aug 2005

    So sorry Amanda . Doesn't matter whether you've been on the ride for 2 years or 2 decades (heaven forbid) - it's still a horrible horrible thing to be going through. Yep, you definitely meet the criteria for a MHD. Cry your head off and spoil yourself rotten for a little while.
    Ann that I see a post from you tonight...
    Hi to everyone else, hope you're all travelling ok.

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    cazzoom Guest

    So sorry Amanda! :hugs:

    Ann good luck please keep us posted

    Chele good luck with your blood test

    Leis also luck for you this cycle

    Trish Keep well and look after yourself first!

    I saw My doctor today.

    At first I thought she was just going to just have a nothing kind of appt but she firstly did say.............. "Well we had an almost"............. then she said that the results of every single blood test etc came back normal and that there is absolutely no reason why I wont get pregnant and stay that way.
    She said IT WILL HAPPEN and to be really posative about that because she is! and that she would not say it if she thought it was not true.

    She even dictated a letter to me while I sat there in her office so that when I get it I could look at it if I was not feeling very posative about everything.
    I asked if there was anything we could do in the 2WW and she said she would talk to me about it at my next transfer, perhaps double my progesterone but to just see how I respond to the puregon this time. and how many follies/eggs/embryos we get first!

    I told her about my SIL and I having the same IVF schedule...... even she was freaked out about it and she is our doctor............lol asked me if I want to delay my cycle a but. I said no way and that in any case we could support each other through it. She actually suggested coming in for our follicle scans one after the other to car pool! lol. (funnily enough we had already decided to do this)

    In any case It was a posative appt. Its not like it use to be when I left my last RE's office ............ usually in a haze of tears!

    thanks for listening

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