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Thread: LTTTC - Success Stories

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    Default This is really long.... sorry! It was 6 years after all LOL!

    This is my success story with TTC our first beautiful and much wanted bambino!

    DH and I decided to start trying for a family in December 2003. I took my last pill on the 28th. A year passed and nothing had happened. We were still back in Scotland at this point so I went to my GP and got a referral for a women?s clinic. I got some bloods done, but was basically told ?you?re young (was 24 at the time), come back in a year if it hasn?t happened?.
    We still hadn?t fallen pregnant by the next year but by this point had decided to move to Australia. March 2006 we sold our house, car and said goodbye to our families and off we went. Brisbane welcomed us!!

    We kept ?trying? but I was getting really bad painful and heavy periods. So much so, that in January 2007 I ended up taking myself to emergency one day when at work because I thought I was having a miscarriage (I wasn?t) because the bleeding was so bad and the pain so unbearable. The Dr in charge that day saw me and was a bit shocked at what I was enduring each month. I was going through a maxi pad in half an hour. He gave me the name of a good gyno so I went to see her, who then referred me to the public hospital for some investigations.
    It was a months wait and when we finally got to see a Dr he told me that he had a space in 2 weeks for a lap, hysteroscopy and HSG. Excellent, finally someone who was listening to me. He told me that he suspected I had endo.
    I got those investigations done, and when I was coming round in recovery, was told by this stupid registrar who I?d never even met before that they found extensive endo inside and outside of my uterus and round my bowel - which explains the pains I was getting in that area too! I also had very blocked and damaged tubes. They were basically full of toxic fluid so any pregnancy I would have would more than likely miscarry because of the toxicity of the fluid. She told me that our only option would be IVF and then walked away from the bed. I?d just come round, had a really sore throat from the tube and was fuzzy from the anaesthetic. A nurse came and gave me a hug as I was crying so hard. For weeks after that I felt like someone had died.
    My Dr then gave me another appointment for corrective surgery on the endo. He told me that in fact, after the corrective surgery, if we wanted we could try naturally for 6 months and then go see him if nothing happened.
    We did this. I had the surgery in April 2008. But come september we still hadn?t fallen pregnant so he sent me for another HSG. This has to be the worst thing I have ever been through in my entire life and sorry to anyone who hasn?t had one and is going to have one but it was the sorest thing ever - but this was because one of my tubes had blocked up again. The Dr gave me 50mg pethidine and it turns out that this was too much - he?d overdosed me!! Which at the time was awesome because it meant that the pain went away pretty quickly but coming round from that was pretty gross. I vomited a lot. Ah well.
    We were told by the nice nurse that we had an increased chance of falling pregnant after that procedure. We both looked at each other and just raised our eyebrows. We?d been told this so many times before. Wotevz!
    But, we thought ?let?s see what happens?. That next month was a crazy one. We had a lot on at work (both of us) and our social life had taken a hit too - we had a huge party at ours one night and a few other work functions. I was basically hammered for the whole month of October 2008!
    I waited for my period to come, and it never did. I was 5 days late when I did an HPT and it came up positive straight away!!!!!!! OMG, my very first BFP! I had put the lateness of my period down to being so busy at work (we were in the middle of a very stressful accreditation process). 

    I rang my FS and he was very pleased for us, and sent me out some blood forms to get blood work done. We had figured out that I was 5w1d. This was a thursday. Saturday I bought another HPT as the nausea and breast tenderness had gone. The line was very very faint. I was gutted and not sure what to do. I told myself I?d ring my FS on monday and see what he thought. But the next day I started bleeding so we went to ED and they confirmed miscarriage (I was 5w4d). We were utterly devastated. They rang my FS from ED and he was really lovely, he spoke to me on the phone and gave me an appointment to see him later in the week when I was feeling better (my FS is such a lovely man - doing this on a sunday for us!!) I took 3 days off work and DH and I just looked after each other.
    Our appointment with our FS was really good. He told us that he wanted us to wait 3 cycles and then we could try an IUI - a sort of intro to IVF. We agreed this would be a good idea - we were both pretty fragile from the miscarriage.
    3 months came and went though, no other natural pregnancy. But our permanent residency had just come through and we needed to leave Australia to get our residency sorted. So we went to NZ for a couple of weeks for one last blow out holiday before we got down to some serious baby making business.
    On return to Australia I had made myself an acupuncture appointment (my cycles were all over the place since my miscarriage) so I went to that and started my acupuncture sessions which continued all through the IVF process. We did an IUI that month (Feb 2009) but it didn?t work. We then had family come over, and a few other things got in the way of another IUI cycle. But in May we just decided that we were ready for IVF. IUI wasn?t the way forward for us So basically the time from my endo diagnosis to the day we decided to do IVF was 2 years. It took us that long to get our heads around it.
    We chatted to our FS and he agreed IVF was the best decision. So we started our long down regulation cycle on the 4th June - 3 weeks of OCP, synarel and then puregon 150iu. My first follicle scan showed 9 follies in each ovary - my FS was a bit worried that he?d overstimulated me. But my bloods were perfect so he scheduled my EPU for monday 13th July 2009. We got 13 eggs, 9 fertilised, 4 were frozen on day 4 because they were such good quality and the rest were taken to blast stage. One strong little blastocyst was transferred on Saturday 18th July 2009 adn the rest frozen. The 2ww nearly killed me though. I hated every minute of it. My whole IVF cycle had been a breeze compared to the torture I put myself through in those two weeks. I was on crinone and had every symptom under the sun - and of course we all know that the side effects of crinone are pregnancy symptoms!! AARRGGHHH!
    My FS wanted me to wait 2 weeks post transfer till I tested but since that was a saturday I told myself I?d test on the friday morning and go get bloods done after I tested. I deliberately didn?t have any HPTs in the house but went out on the thursday night and bought a FRER. I emailed DH at work to let him know that I?d bought them and he told me to go and do one there and then. So I did and the strongest line came up straight away - at 6pm that night! OMG! I went to my clinic the next day and got some bloods done and they were 796 at 4w3d. Pretty good! I continued my acupuncture sessions all the way through my pregnancy to keep me calm. I was super anxious through the whole pregnancy and not once did I ever take for granted that I would be taking home a baby. How could I after 6 years of nothing?????
Anyway, 8 months later my gorgeous little cherub made her way into the world via (semi)elective c-section weighing a very respectable 8lb 10oz!! Huge for my little frame! She was being very naughty and was transverse, hence the c-section.
    I pinch myself every single day and know how very lucky I am that after 6 years and 4 months, we finally have our little bundle.

    Thanks for reading!!
    Sue xxxx
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    Your story was lovely Sue!! It gives us inspiration that it will happen!!! I hope to be posting in here soon xxx

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    Oh wow, I've finally made the success story thread! After watching others 'graduate' in here its such a privilege to share our story.

    Like so many others in this part of the forum, DH and I never imagined our journey to realise our dream of a child and family would be so long and such a rollercoaster ride.

    After a 'whoopsie' accident in 2004 several months into seeing each other, we decided I would not to take the morning after pill and took the exciting decision to actively try to have a baby together as we'd already decided we were life partners and ready for the next step in cementing our relationship. We'd just turned 35 and did the right thing by seeking pre TTC medical advice and DTD during O for the first time with purpose at DH's parents house LOL. Fast forward 2 years following our marriage and exploratory laparoscopies & tests and we started IVF as it was obvious with the severity of my discovered endometrosis we were going to need help.
    It turned out I was a poor responder to IVF and my eggs were pretty shot. What a shock! We'd assumed that once deciding to go down the IVF path that it would be the solution to delivering our dream but it looked very grim indeed. After a couple of years of failed or cancelled cycles we turned to one of my younger sisters who had already offered her eggs to us if we wanted them.

    The egg donation journey was a big positive step for us. After years of disappointment, depression, and the ensuing impacts it had on our personal and professional lives, we felt uplifted and encouraged as someone else started carrying part of our heavy load and sharing in our experience. With my sister's involvement both of our families became more involved and understanding of what we had been going through, and DH and I felt lighter about it all and were able to 'rejoin' life to a bigger degree. We were on the up side of the rollercoaster, regardless of the outcome. We started exploring adoption and permanent care options and discussing what it would mean to us to be child free.

    The first cycle with my sis resulted in a chemical pg which we found very encouraging! The second cycle 6 months later we got a BFP but by 6 weeks we realised it was unlikely it progress and at 10 weeks I had a natural m/c but strangely again I felt encouraged (albeit disappointed and sad) that my body could do this given the right embryo. On our third ED cycle a year later we had success and this embryo "Phoenix" was sticking around and I had a wonderful, fulfilling uneventful pg eventually giving birth naturally 17 days past our EDD. I loved pg and once the risky milestones were passed I settled into becoming earth mother and didn't want it to stop (hence the long gestation... ).

    Our DD was born vaginally, drug free with her auntie and dad present and it was the most incredible experience of my life to date. When they placed her on my chest I was astounded & ecstatic to see I had birthed a real baby. A writhing, beautiful, 9lb girl with 9/9 apgars. She seemed the most beautiful thing I had ever seen (gotta love those hormones!) I think this was the first time I realised that we had actually succeeded in fulfilling our dream of over 5 years.

    Each day with her is a miracle. I feel so blessed to have experienced what I have on this journey, and shared this with my DH, sister and families. Everything happens for a reason, I believe it is just each of our mission to discover what that reason is for us.

    The support I have received on BB has been a life saver. Unless you have walked in a LTTTCer's shoes there is no way you can begin to understand the pain infertility can cause.

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    Dusty, I was welling up reading that.

    I'm so happy that little Freya is with you guys.

    Sue x

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    I am so sorry to taking forever to post in here, I know that I looked at this thread and many others like it a 100 times when I was TTC#1, looking for some hope and ideas and the motivation to keep going.

    Rather than tell you how hard it was, you all know that and how it feels, I am posting my stats and what I did differently each time that eventually led to a BFP. Hopefully this will give you some ideas. As you can see from my signature I am now TTC for the 2nd time, and have to say it is not any easier, both emotionally and physically, but I have seemed to have found my magic mix of drugs, as have had two BFP in a row since. Now just need a sticky one . Wishing you all the very best. xx

    Unexplained infertility.
    Started TTC#1 Dec 04
    Oct 07 BTs Day 2 FSH level 12 (High FSH but with PCO tendencies)
    Nov 07 Cycle #1 IVF down reg FSH 225, overstimmed, 20+ follies, cycle cancelled at day 8 as E2 levels were 25,000
    Feb 08 Cycle #2 IVF down reg FSH 125, overstimmed, 20 + follies, EPU only, E2 at day 12 was 22,000, 19 eggs retrieved, 15 fertilised all frozen Day 1
    May 08 Cycle #3 FET HRT, 1 x Day 3, 6 cell embie with moderate fragmentation. BFN
    Jun 08 Cycle #4 FET HRT, 2 x Day 3, 5 and 6 cell embies with moderate fragmentation. BFN
    Jul/Aug 08 Cycle #5 FET HRT, 2 x Day 5, 7 cell embies with moderate fragmentation. BFN. Out of frosties, they all seemed to be slow growing with fragmentation, maybe crappy due to high E2 levels at EPU?
    Sep/Oct 08 Cycle #6 IVF down reg FSH 75, upped to FSH 100 at day 8, 19 follies, 12 eggs, 9 fertilised, 3 blasts, 2 transferred, 1 frozen. BFN
    FS ordered implantation failure and immunological blood tests, all clear. Decided to try Colorado Protocol anyway.
    Dec 08/Jan 09 Cycle #7 IVF down reg Colorado Protocol (Prednisone and Augmentin for 5 days from trigger) FSH 100, 20 follies, 16 eggs, 7 fertilised, 4 blasts, 2 transferred, 2 frozen. BFN
    FS referred me to Dr Julie Lindstrom at City Fertility Brisbane as he felt he had done all he could for me.
    Jan 09 Met Julie, some implantation failure blood tests missing, new tests done, tested positive for MTHFR, results back just before FET in Mar 09. Now on low dose aspirin daily for life, mega folate (5mg) daily for life and high dose B6 and B12. Recommended Clexane from ET or from postive BT (I pushed Julie for Clexane from ET as I had never gotten to BFP before). Continued to take Prednisone while not cycling at 6.25mg per day (quarter tablet) in case of NK Cells (though tested neg on BT, I never did a biopsy but Julie was happy for me to continue). Also tested thyroid levels, TSH, T3 and T4, they were a little off so took thyroid support.
    Mar 09 Cycle #8 FET natural, 2 x average blasts transferred, Clexane from ET. BFN
    Apr 09 Cycle #9 IVF antagonist cycle FSH 75, too low, 3 lead follies, converted to IUI. BFN but low hcg 9 and prog levels high, possible chemical pregnancy. I had sneakily done Clexane every second day from O day, I think this might have made a difference. Julie hadn't recommended Clexane as it was not an offical ET.
    May/Jun 09 Cycle #10 IVF antagonist cycle FSH 100, 20+ follies, 23 eggs, 14 fertilised with assisted hatching, 3 blasts, 2 transferred (1 hatching blast rated 10/10, 1 early blast rated 7/10), 1 frozen. Clexane from night of EPU. BFP.

    What did I do differently?
    Low dose aspirin, mega folate, B6 and B12 for MTHFR
    Clexane from night of EPU (my thought was that by a Day 5 ET, it was a little too late).
    Prednisone - I had 25mg tablets, CD1 to trigger quarter tablet (6.25mg), from trigger for 5 days (full tablet 25mg), then from there half tablet (12.5mg - in previous cycles I had dropped back to 6.25mg) - I had been on Prednisone since Jan 09.
    I did assisted hatching for the first time, I had previously never had a hatching blastie.
    This was the only cycle that I did NOT use Embryo Glue
    This was the only cycle that I did NOT do acupuncture the day of ET, I had 1 treatment the afternoon of the day after (weekly treatments in the lead up).
    I stopped taking Sharkey's herbs in Feb 09 after being on them for two years.
    And the only cycle I had no caffeine at all from CD1.

    I think it was a combination of treating MTHFR for a few months, being on Prednisone for a while, starting Clexane from night of EPU (my FS had said day after EPU), low dose aspirin, getting my TSH levels right, and a nice hatching blast/or two.

    I did self medicate by staying on the Prednisone between my Dec/Jan cycle and meeting Julie, she was of the opinion that I could test for NK cells via biopsy, if positive would then be treated with Prednisone, as I had very little reaction to taking it, she was happy for me to continue regardless. I did sneakily do Clexane injections earlier than Julie recommended a couple of times, and I stayed on low dose aspirin for pretty much the entire time except for a few days before EPU.

    I hope this helps, sorry for the long post, please note I don't recommend self medicating, but I was willing to push the boundaries a bit because of my history. There are risks with doing this. But if I have to do a stim cycle again I will push for the exact same cycle. xx

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    Thanks for posting BabyDT. Congratulations and i hope that reading your story helps boost the spirits of someone else.

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    I thought it is overdue for a new success story in here for all you LTTC ers

    After having 3 children under 4 my DH had a Vasectomy . Our baby was 11 weeks old then and i still had "baby "brain so agreed to it ??

    anyway when our baby was 5 i started to wish e had never had the vas done and tried to talk to DH about it. he said NO way !

    finally after he realised how much i wanted to have another baby he agreed but said NO to reversal

    so off to IVF/ ICSI we went in may 2008

    I had 11 eggs harvested and 7 fertilised

    the FS said with our history of falling preg so easily i would prob get preggers first time !

    fresh tfer may 2008 : BFN

    Froz tfer jul 08 : BFN

    froz tfer aug 08 : BFN

    froz tfer oct 08: BFN

    Froz tfer dec 08: BFN

    final embryo mar 09 : BFN

    at this point i was devestated !! . i thought this was going to be easy !! but it was so hard

    we had a long break of 2 years and thought lets give it one more try !

    so second full stim cycle of IVF/ ICSI. I had been having acu since july 08 and had lost some weight too.

    also DH actually really wanted this baby now ?! i mean really ..

    so we went ahead in march 2011

    12 eggs. 8 fertilised. 2 embies implanted

    fresh tfer

    the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooongest 2 weeks of my life waiting
    at first only one line showed up at day 10

    then ever ever so faintly a second line. but it wasn't getting any darker ??

    then did one of those $ 20 digital tests ... and yes it came up "pregnant 2 - 3 weeks "YIPEE

    then waiting for my BT to come thru took forever also !!

    yes we are pregnant !!!!

    5 months of morning sickness

    found out at 20 week scan another boy ... a healthy baby boy


    on 16th Dec 2011 at 37 weeks our beautiful baby Hunter Riley was born

    finally our LTTC miricle was here !!!

    I love him to bits and want all of you to know. don't give up ... it can happen to you and i still pinch myself as i am up at midnight feeding him. I finally have my precious baby in my arms ..

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    Default LTTTC - Success Stories

    This is my 2nd success story, the last one being in Aug 2010. This week I birthed my son conceived naturally by accident after many years of ivf/ac. DD1 was an ivf/ed baby conceived on our 3rd and final ED cycle. We never dreamed of having an oopsie bub at 42 and were not ttc, in fact quite the opposite. Our family is now complete

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    Awww, loving all the stories ladies!

    Dusty, you are truly my inspiration. Congratulations on your baby boy lovely lady !

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    Default LTTTC - Success Stories

    After many years of not trying not preventing we decided to actively ttc. Time went by and every month AF would arrive.
    I then finally fell pregnant and m/c. Waited 6 more months booked appointment for ivf to start and got a bfp! M/C again this time at 8 weeks. Felt so deflated and put ttc on hold for 6 months.
    We decided to sign up again for ivf, but first tried 3 months of clomid. All failures of varying degrees where the last cycle scared AF off for 40 something days!
    Ivf cycle 1 was full of hope and was going well until my body decided to start doing the opposite to what it was suppose to. This cycle didn't have much hope of working.
    We debriefed with FS and lined up for ivf cycle 2. Waiting for AF to turn up to start I got my miracle sticky bubba and I am now almost 36 weeks pregnant.

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    Default LTTTC - Success Stories

    Joeve what an amazing outcome! Wishing you a lovely last month of pregnancy and a beautiful birth.

    Thanks MissB, he's pretty amazing

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    Default LTTTC - Success Stories

    Thanks dusty! I love your story and teared up reading your PA and BA!

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