thread: Freaking out :(

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    As other girls have said, it can take a while for the CL payments to come through and I have had all my bubs in July/August and because it's EOFY and CL is dealing with reconciling etc mine have always taken at least 6 weeks after lodging the forms to come through. So just be prepared for it to take quite a while.

    You'll be fine, it takes a bit of adjusting etc but you will make it work because you have to!

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    Jul 2010

    Talking with DH about it now, so long house deposit savings (not that we even got around to starting )

    Thanks everyone for all your advice. We will start the one wage budget.

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    When we had ds1 we went from 2 sad wages to 1. I ain't remember how much dh was bringing home now (13 yrs ago). Anyways every time we did the groceries. If something was on sale. Ie washing powder, soaps, shampoo even toilet paper. Buy it

    We had enough basic household items to last till his first birthday. Toothpaste, washing up stuff, and of course baby items as well. Baby soaps and powder and disp nappies if you plan to use them.

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    There are quite a few FB pages that are like garage sales for baby goods. I got change tables, toys, rocking chairs the works for very cheap and they are fine, just no longer wanted.

    Help you save some $

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    Apr 2010

    Freaking out :(

    We have been on one wage since i was 16ish weeks preg with DD1. So over half my pregnancy we lived on around $50k with no savings for baby stuff and 2 loans. You can do it! And quite easily if you look at your lifestyle and change it accordingly!

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    I would write a list of what you need for bubs, and whenever someone asks what they can get, show them the list Some people may think this is rude, but I'm sure the majority will be more than willing to get something they know you need, rather than another soft toy that will be a dust collector.

    Are you planning on using cloth or disposables? If it's cloth, look at hiring a newborn kit that will help get you through the first couple of months. If you're going to use disposables, keep an eye out for specials now. I've read lots of people swear by supermarket brand nappies and they are a lot cheaper than other name brands.

    Don't splurge on bassinet, cot sheets or bunny rugs - you can pick up cheap fabric and make them your self, or get someone else to if you're not handy with a sewing machine.

    You can make do without things like a baby bath (use the sink instead) and a change table (use a padded mat on the floor/bed/bench) until you have money coming in again.

    Good luck, try not to stress too much. Once you have a plan in place you will feel so much better x

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    We spent $2000 on baby stuff. Total. And $800 of that was on cloth nappies.

    If anyone asks if you want stuff, say yes. You can always pass it on if its no good. Get into op shops, eBay, buy and sell groups. New baby clothes and linen go so cheaply, often free. I'm done having babies and I'm just giving everything away as we outgrow it.

    Our CL. Money took 9 weeks with DD1, and at 9.5 for DD2, we're still waiting.