thread: SPD and mat leave

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    Mar 2013

    SPD and mat leave


    Looking for advice. I'm 23 weeks pregnant, had SPD for almost 2 weeks, when I was on holiday. I am in hell. I'm a nurse but in an office role even the sitting down I'm not coping with. Am trying to work as long as I can but not coping.
    What have others with SPD done?

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    Going to regular chiro appointments and wearing a belt helped me.

    There are some good websites in relation to SPD and hints and tips on how to make it more manageable, I can't recall any off hand, but I found them by googling SPD.

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    My dr wrote me certificates, so I could work short days (max 4 hours) & then take personal/sick leave for the remainder of each day. This was important because if I had reduced my contract hours it would have altered the amount of mat leave & super that I was paid each week. It did get progressively worse though so I ended up taking mat leave from 32 weeks. This was in a fairly sedentary office role but I was having trouble even just walking.

    The most important thing with SPD: do not push through the pain!! I saw a physio regularly & wore a tubigrip thing, had stretches to do regularly, which helped notch the pain level down from extreme to moderate.

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    With DS1, I ended up finishing work at 32 weeks due to the pain. By then, I was on crutches, seeing an osteo weekly and wearing SRC pregnancy shorts. I also had a disability parking sticker. I'd talk to your doctor about options.

    for help coping, see the SPD chat thread.

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    I saw a physio and did water physio with her which helped , I wore a pelvic support and tried to keep my knees together or have a rolled towel between when standing from sitting and a plastic bag on car seat to help be swivel out so I didn't injure myself

    I finished work at about 32 weeks on sick leave