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Thread: Chinese tomato beef recipe.

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    Default Chinese tomato beef recipe.

    I love this dish from our local Chinese shop, but would love to learn how to make my own.
    Does anyone have a recipe or know what might be in the sauce?

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    Default Chinese tomato beef recipe.

    Sorry I cant help but I am looking for a tomato rice recipe that i've had and its amazing. It has egg in it but I dont know much else, apart from the obvious tomatoey sauce!
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    Default Re: Chinese tomato beef recipe.

    Fry the beef until cooked (I like to marinated in soy sauce and ginger) set aside. Slice up 2/3 tomatoes and let cook in oil, add alittle salt, sugar and chicken stock. When tomatoes are melting add beef and heat for few mins. Garish with chopped chives.

    You can play around with flavours, Chinese shop may add msg.

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    Default Chinese tomato beef recipe.

    Sounds delish!

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