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Thread: Will it still be ok?

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    Default Will it still be ok?

    I am rather paranoid about food (ever since being wary of different foods during pregnancy!) and wanted to ask...

    I discovered this morning the circuit breaker for the kitchen had gone off, probably sometime around 10.30/11 last night, so all appliances including the fridge haven't had power since then until I flicked the switch back on at about 8.30 this morning.
    I bought some chicken schnitzels from the butcher yesterday, planning to have them for dinner tonight. Do you think they'd be ok after sitting in the fridge for that long without power? I didn't feel them this morning to see if they were still cold.. I'm thinking they should be alright, but it is chicken, if it was red meat I probably wouldn't hesitate. But if someone doesn't back me up and say yes they'll be fine for sure, I'll chicken out (pardon the pun!) and the dog will be eating them instead..

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    I would normally do the cold test but you've already said your not 100% sure... do they smell ok?
    If they smell ok then i think shey should have been alright for that long, a fridge tends to hold it's cool aslong as it's not opened IYKWIM.... but go with your gut.

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    Yes, they will be fine.

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