thread: Medically Managed Pregnancy Chatter #2

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    DD ive got everything crosed that your newest princess gets to come home and get nice and chubby before her surgery!
    We have double the chance of another congenital heart defect, really not looking forward to the 20 week scan.

    Sarah, its all so scary, i wish i could still be in niave land where u get pregnant, the baby grows, u birth it and then u bring it home.
    What day next week is your scan? make sure u stay off your feet as much as possible. i think hiring a doppler is a great idea, im thinking of doing it myself. i hate that im such a nervous nelly this time around

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    Wow I feel a bit out of my depth being in here with all of the complications you guys are facing. It's so scary isn't it.
    Funny you say that Sarah because I often feel this way. I struggle to say my girls have special needs as I don't feel that way really, they are just normal little girls to me.

    At the last scan baby weighed 2.6kg which is apparently a week behind but my girls weighed 2.9kg each at birth so it looks like another small baby for me. A was only 2.3kg when she came home after surgery, so tiny for a term baby. I am not sure where you are having your scans Skye, or where you had them with Jack but I can't recommend my sonographer enough. He is in Mulgrave. He picked up this babies heart condition at 12 weeks!

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    Jan 2009
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    I usually have them at monash but they don't do the 12 week one so will go to mdi in berwick where I usually go. That's amazing 12 weeks!! When they scanned jack at 17 I had to go back at 24 because they knew something was wrong but could tell what.
    Such tiny bubbas! Mine would seem like boofas compared to. Nome of mine have been under 3.5kgs even dd2 who was born at 36 weeks!

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    Oh BAL I was hoping you'd come in too. Feel honoured to share a pregnancy with you. You and your little guys changed my life. Even if you'll never really know.
    Kim, thank you so much. That means so much to me.
    Maybe you should take it easy.. I have only been on bed rest since Monday and I'm already bored lol. My back hurts from laying down all the time. I know my back and neck will suffer terribly. The most important thing is Button though..

    Sarah - I borrowed a doppler off a friend. It's great.I was concerned at 1st it could cause undue anxiety if I can't find the HB straight away, but even when I didn't I could always hear something, like the baby moving. It's very rare I have just heard silence, but the HB is quite often easy to find. Often though I don't get time to listen long because bub takes off again ,. Also I find it interesting that you said the progesterone may be causing braxton hicks, as the reason I'm on them is because they were supposed to "calm the uterus"

    DD - I hope your little girl doesn'tt require surgery, but I get what you mean, if they don't operate how you would be a bit scared.. I think I have told you before I have ASD, VSD, pulmonary stenosis, transposition of the great vessels, hypoplastic right ventricle & dextracardia. I was a blue baby, but they didn't operate on me til I was 6, which was a minor op, I just had a blalock shunt. Then at 8 I had open heart surgery and have been fine ever since. Is it expected that DD2 will require more surgery?

    Skybie - I am so happy for you being pregnant again. It is nice to be in denial and pretend it's a normal pregnancy. You know, a pregnancy where you get pregnant, function normally and take a baby home at the end.. I really hope you do have a smooth pregnancy and there are no heart issues with this bub. I was told I have about 5% chance of passing on a CHC but so far I have been lucky that way. twins hearts were fine and this bubs heart looks good too.

    Well today I am off to the GP to get a med cert for the job I just started last week lol.. I wish Monday would hurry up, so I can see my OB (Dr P.ortman) She is awesome, and I know even if I am put on bed rest she will put my mind at ease a bit. She just has a way about her. Apart from that I am just resting today. The best thing about bed rest is being able to lay down and really concentrate on feeling those beautiful movements. I love this baby so much..

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    I hope you dont mind me crashing this thread for a second but I just wanted to give sarah some hope by sharing my experience with subcrionic bleeds.

    I had one with my pg with dd , I didnt realise I was pregnant at the time but I bled heavily around the 6 week mark. When I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks they did an ultra sound and found a decent size bleed. The bleed had disappeared by my 12 week scan and I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

    I have another bleed this pregnancy that was picked up at 6 weeks and was still growing at my scan at 9.5 weeks, last check around the 5 cm mark. The baby is healthy and happy so far. I have my NT scan this morning so ill see.if its gone. Ill pop back in and let you know the results, but im very positive that all is well.

    I know its scary, even more so for you because of your previous loss and ivf. But, there is hope. Xxx

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    Well, I just got some advice from a friend. She has written me a list of natural supplements to boost my immune system and to calm my uterus. She also advised to stay away from the hospital because with my cervix open I am at risk of infection.. So that's what I'll do, I'll just try and stay home for as long as possible, which is what I was going to do anyway. I do not want to end up in hospital on bedrest.. I just wish we didn't have to move on the weekend!

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    Sarah, not amazing, just have that desperate yearning that most of us have. I'm glad you're here.

    Skybie, I ummed and ahhed about posting in here for weeks. Totally understandable about you wanting to be induced at 36weeks.

    2 and a half weeks DD! Yay! 50/50 is pretty good odds with a coarct. for her. Whatever other people think is irrelevant. What's in your heart matter the most.

    BAL I'm glad you have lots of support and are sitting on your bottom. I spent lots of time on bedrest last go. It sucks. I have been taking it easy...well easier than normal, since DH lives away and I just have to manage on my own. Have stopped going to the gym much to my dismay but the cramping is not something I feel like dealing with ATM.

    Saw the Ob today. What a lovely drive to hospital it was with gastro lol. But she understood my anxiety about this week and got the student to have a play with the u/s machine. Nice little heart beat, moving a lot. And turns out those little movements I thought were wind are actually me feeling bub, which is kinda cool. She congratulated DS on how lucky he was to be alive after she read my notes lol. Not so reassuring after I was trying to downplay the whole scenario in my head.
    She's going to start having my scar scanned at the morphology scan.

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    Thought i might pop my head in here & say Hi.

    I suffer from a chronic illness which was diagnosed when i was 18 so 8yrs ago now, it can make pregnancy more complicated then it should be.
    I've been very lucky that my Illness has stayed in remission since we found out & fx it stays in remission.
    Our may concern is that medication i'm on is sucking all the calcium out of me & my Vit D levels keep dropping even with extra vitamins i'm taking, My iron & Hb levels are also dropping fast which means i'll need an iron/blood transfusion just before birth or right after birth.
    On the positive everything with Bambi is looking good, no cleft was seen at our u/s & she is ahead for dates so i'm really happy the medication didn't have any effect on her.

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    Well I'm back again, freaky that this time last year I was chatting in the support thread, DD is now 8 months old and I'm 10wks 2d pregnant with our little surprise baby #3, I'll be high risk again because of the GD with DD, multiple first trimester losses (I've passed my magic number of 8 weeks now so FXed it won't happen) and an irritable uterus (which as already started to cause trouble), at least it won't be because of the c-sec I had with DS because I got my VBAC with DD so proud of myself for that, and it was a short labour of 4hrs 43min after my OB broke my waters at 40+2

    I also have a large 6cm cyst on my ovary that no one thinks is serious enough to monitor for some reason even though it causes me a lot of pain gives me constant lower abdominal tenderness that makes ultrasounds (and even going to the toilet) extremely painful. Any pressure on my lower belly really hurts

    My 12wk scan is on the 21st at 9am, and I also see my OB the same day ta 11am, so FXed the cyst has shrunk and not grown and bub is perfect and healthy and wriggling around like crazy

    Hi everyone!

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    Hi thought i would pop in say hi, im currently 8 odd weeks pg, dating scan tomorrow morning, i was high risk last pg so it will prob be the same, this is #5 and ive had 3 early birds at 35,30 and 32 weeks plus #4 was an emerg csec so im hoping to make 35weeks and have a vbac

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    Hello Ladies,

    I have recently been diagnosed as a "high risk pregnancy" I have complete placenta previa as well as placenta accreta. This is baby number 3 and there is talk of doing a hysterectomy at the time of delivery. Looking forward to chatting with other ladies who are classed as high risk.