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    Hi everyone,

    So i'm nearly 11wks preggers. Had a massive bleed on tuesday accompanied by huge amounts of pain. Didn't have a miscarriage but it turns out I have a 30ml Perisac Hematoma.
    Bleeding and pain has subsided thankfully. I know that you will either absorb it or pass question though is :
    I'm a domestic/corporate cleaner and I was wondering if you would give up your work.
    I was told by middie not to do excessive lifting or physical exercise and to lift my DD (2) up from a sitting position not a standing. That's about it.
    One of my jobs (an hour five days a week) is going to an employee from next week but i still have one house (2hrs a fortnight), starting a new house this week (2.5hrs once a month) and i have corporate cleaning 1.5hrs x3 a week. Not hugely strenuous but the houses do involve cleaning showers and baths as well as vacuuming and mopping, and likewise on the vacuuming and mopping in the corporate. Not quite sure what to do. My lovely BB groups have given me their thoughts. I guess I was just looking for ppl with experience with this hematoma as to what they did?

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    I haven't experienced this but i would stop working. Mopping and cleaning showers isnt heavy lifting but its strenuous and can be quite vigorous work. At the very least, i would stop the corporate job that is most frequent. I hope everything sorts out for you soon.

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