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Thread: *tmi* mid cycle bleeding DTD

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    Default *tmi* mid cycle bleeding DTD

    *tmi alert*

    Just wondering is anyone has any advice or has had any similar experiences-
    Im currently cd 19/27, usually my periods are very regular (heavy but regular)
    Last night while DTD it felt a little uncomfortable, I then noticed I was bleeding it was quite alot and was bright in colour. I have never had this before! Will be going to see gp this week but am really stressing about things and google is making it worse!

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    I had this quite a few years ago but it was every time we dtd. I had abnormal cells on my cervix which were being monitored by a gyn and when I told him about the bleeding he said it was from irritation to the cervix and it was time to laser the abnormal cells off. I had the procedure and have had no more issues since. Easier said than done but try not to stress go see your GP and go from there.

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