thread: Thyroid questions

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    Thyroid questions

    Just got back from GP to get blood test results that I'd had done on Thursday not entirely sure as to what tests he'd ordered (went in about a ridiculously sore throat, shivers & fever) was diagnosed with either tonsillitis or glandular fever (I was leaning more to the tonsillitis option) and he wanted to do a blood test to check re glandular fever I know that has to be done by blood test so wasn't fussed about getting it done. He'd ordered a number of tests to be done but I can't decipher blood tests on the form.
    One of tests he'd ordered was to check thyroid function and apparently it came back as over active (I think he said the number 200 was the result) and that I should get it checked again 3-4 weeks.

    Dilemma - this GP is not my normal GP or at my normal practice; DH would like me to swap to this practice (both he and ds1 are on the books there & ds2 will probably go there); I wasn't overly impressed by today's GP - he was okay but didn't really explain things (& the front desk ladies squeezed me in even though he was fully booked so I could get my test results). Should I go back to my regular GP and ask to repeat the test so he's got an idea of what's going on or should I try another GP at this new clinic and ask my old clinic to send my file over? (regular GP is a 40min drive and I couldn't have gotten in for an initial appointment until Friday when coming down sick late Tuesday)

    I've googled over active thyroid and I have a few of the symptoms but not the most obvious weight loss (which given that I'm classed as obese would be handy). Would being unwell affect thyroid production?

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    Ring the pathology place you had it done and ask for a copy of the results to be sent to your new doctor. Goodluck hope it levels itself out

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    I'd get on to a GP you're comfortable with and get a copy of the test results, too. Hope you can get some answers