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Thread: 2 or 3 - so which is it?

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    Default 2 or 3 - so which is it?

    Hi ladies,

    I haven't posted in this forum before - I don't get to spend a lot of time on line, so am only an infrequent BB poster anyway, well, I guess I wanted to get that bit out of the way in case it is a while between posts for me.

    My story - it what brings me here at this time - in a very brief nutshell....

    A few years ago, I saw a psychic, who was very accurate, (I have seen others that have not been that accurate). At that time, I was told that I would have "2 or 3" children.

    So which is it, 2 or 3???????
    I used to think that the "3" was angel 2 and our two DD's as they were all within a few years (I had a m/c trying for DD1, and then we had DD1 & DD2).

    Initially when pg with DD2, and soon after she was born, we felt our family was complete, but then when she was a few months old, we decided we would like another. In July, I found out I was pg - I was ecstatic, we both were. And it seemed so "perfect", there would be the same age gap between DD2 and the new bub as there is between DD1 & DD2.

    But as much as I wanted this, I just didn't feel confident this time round......
    and I miscarried last week (on Thursday, I was just over 9 weeks). Perhaps I knew? Or was it "mind over matter"?

    So is this the "or 3" - wanted but not quite here?

    I love my two girls dearly, but am feeling deeply sad right now.
    I know I am still grieving my loss, but I guess I do want to know, which is it, 2 or 3???????
    How much choice do we have, and how much is pre-determined?

    TTC is not an easy journey for us. And there is our age to consider (we are in our 40s),
    I don't know, I guess I am just looking for answers......

    thanks for reading.

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    Sorry for your loss. :-(
    I saw a psychic who told me that there was another child ( would be the 3rd) if I choose. Hmmm- what does that mean? If I choose it? We decided not to go for a third but that left me thinking, what happened to the little soul waiting to be chosen??

    In answer to your question, I have no idea. :-) I guess what will be will be and what's meant to happen will happen.

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    I'm sorry for your loss.
    I'm also not on BB much these days, so I've just read your post now.

    I've seen several different psychics over the years and some have been really spot on, but the only thing that hasn't been consistent is the number of children I'll have. One lady years ago kept saying 2. I always felt a bit funny about that and not sure if it was more of her thing coming up than my reading (?) So then I saw somebody else who said (after I'd had 2 boys) that there was a third waiting to come to us, a girl and that she would complete our family. When I was pregnant with her, I saw somebody for a healing and she said to be careful if we weren't wanting anymore b/c there was another one wanting to join us. I was laughing at the time, saying, no, no, just 3 for us. But now I really want another one. So I guess I'm just trying to say that just b/c a psychic was accurate with some things in the past, doesn't mean that what they told you back then is still relevant for you right now. Things change, our plans change and I guess if you really want a third, that you can only try and see what happens.

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