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Thread: A baby there if you choose..?

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    Default A baby there if you choose..?

    What does that actually mean? I saw a psychic recently who said I have one more child waiting for me if I choose it. I'm a little confused by that. Anyone have any insights into what that means? If I choose not to what happens to this baby? If I choose not to am I going against destiny or my life's plan?

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    Default A baby there if you choose..?

    I've never heard it put that way before but was recently told something similar.

    Been wondering the same thing.

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    I was told the same thing straight after she guessed how many kids and what they were, she said I have another one waiting if I chose. I 'believe' and everything this lady told me was spot on in the way she described my kids but I m also a sceptic (I kmow that contradicts) and everything she said could well describe most girls and boys.

    I took everything she said with a grain of salt, it was fun but I don't sit around worrying about it. Life is what it is concentrate on the now and enjoy what you have.

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    Adoption or fostering maybe?

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