Last Sunday there was a Psychic Fair just down the road from me. Now I usually go see the same woman, but haven't been for a while, she is very difficult to get into, she is very busy, so I thought I would give this a go! I walked around for about an hour before being constantly drawn back to this one guy, so I knew that he was the one that I was to choose to have a reading with.

Wow!!! He was amazing! He picked up so much! He brought through my grandfather, who passed away a year before I got married, it was so lovely to get messages from him. He gave me so much to think about in regards to what I want out of my life and where I want to go from here. Basically it is up to me to decide what I want to do, but also I have to make DH see that he needs to put in work too. It cant all be me! That is IF we want to try to save the marriage. He told me all about my girls and what they were like, what they were doing and where they would go in life! It was the most amazing reading and made me think a lot about what I need to do to improve things! My Pa said that I have lost my confidence and I need to get that back again. I need to keep my doors locked in September as my sister will be around again, she isn't giving up on trying to fix things!

An hour or so later I was drawn to this lady, so I had a reading with her. She brought through my Mum, OMG! I was in tears, she was getting emotional, my Mum was so happy to talk to me. I know it was definitely her as she mentioned the nickname she used for my DH and no one else ever calls him that. She was raving on about me protecting her curtains when I repaint the room. Seriously...why do my spirit family always have these weird messages....last time dad was raving on about me painting the front fence, this time its Mum and her bloody curtains! She thanked me over and over for looking after her for all those years, and for keeping my promise to her. She is really proud of me and what I have done, especially my study, she is so proud of my girls, 2 of them look just like her. She says that I did the right thing with my sister and she is with me 100% on that one, to stick to my guns and know that I am doing the right thing! That was really nice to know. Also, she is the one that keeps opening and closing the doors in my house. She is around all the time!

After that I decided to leave and just to process everything. I am pretty sceptical with some of these psychics, I know that some of them can ask you questions to get more information and then feed you crap. So I am very wary of what information that I give them. I only gave them my first name and that was it....I wasn't wearing a wedding ring or any jewellery, nothing! They came up with the names of people themselves and it was crazy spooky, but exciting at the same time!

Its given me a whole heap of stuff to think about!