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    I had the merina put in almost a year ago, i had it inserted under GA due to only hvaing csections and i had to do it a gyno place- not my normal Dr, all went well with the insertion, no probs.. but i was pretty out of it when i left and i was never shown how to find strings or any of that and i think i was supposed to have follow up appt but didnt because all seemed good. I had the normal spotting etc and then no period for months..

    So a few weeks ago DH and I were DTD and TMI but we were in a bit of a new twisty kind of cool possie (felt great at the time lol) but the angle was a bit weird, and anyway- the next morning i realised i was spotting a bit and ever since then i can FEEL the merina.. the best way to describe it is kind of ,like a scratch up my who ha, like if i sit i can feel it and sometimes when i walk, i was worried and so i went to the dr and got checked and he said it all looked ok and looked in position, but it just doesnt FEEL right, i am thinking of going back and maybe asking for an ultra sound or something, but i was just wondering if anyone else can feel theirs even if it is in the right position???????? I have had no more bleeding, but its turned me right off sex for two resons.. i think its either going to hurt, or i am afraid its not going to work!!!!

    Anyone????? Or also, can anyone maybe give me some direction on how to see if i can find the strings.. the dr i saw was male and i kinda didnt want to ask I gather i put my finger up there, lol but what i SHOULD be feeling???????

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    I can feel my strings, but not any part of the mirena, and I never feel any pinching etc, not even during sex. Can you get a second opinion with a female GP?

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