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Thread: I'm over it, shall I hold on?

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    Default I'm over it, shall I hold on?

    I have had my mirena in for about 6 Weeks now and I think I may have had about 7 days (not altogether) that I haven't have bleeding or spotting of some degree.
    I had an old style iud, years ago and didn't have any of the issues I'm having now. I have since had two more babies and started period issues since then though.
    I know 'they' say 3 to 6 months is the normal settling in period but this I'd ridiculous not to mention expensive. I got this put in to try and help with my bleeding primarily, contraception secondary. Hmmmm how's that working for me??
    Cuddle time with DH has really taken a dive as I'm bleeding all the time or if by some miracle I'm not or only light spotting then I am definitely bleeding afterwards. I haven't had any cramping or pain though.
    I had to have it put in under GA as my endometrium is a weird shape so it had to be guided in with a camera. I was given a good 'check out' while under to make sure I was suitable and was given the good to go.
    I don't want to rush to get it out because I was told all about the common symptoms for the first few months but it should settle. I was told spotting/bleeding is normal but everyday? Made worse with sex? And I think the strings are too long because DH can feel them.
    So is this totally normal and I have to stop bring so precious and suck it up a little longer?
    Advice or experiences greatly welcomed

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    You can have the strings shortened
    I stuck it out and ended up only having a period every 3 month's and it was so light I only used liners and I kept it in for almost 4 years and loved it.
    I don't recall how long it took to settle though but I went from long heavy painful periods pre mirena to only a few light ones a year so big win for me

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    Have u had ur 6 week check up yet? I was like u and my gynae put me on medication to stop bleeding. Can't remember how long I was on it for but it stopped the bleeding and afterwards was improved. I've had mine in for 7 months now. Get regular periods but very light last tho 7-10 days but light enough for liner only.

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    When I had my Mirena put it, it took a while to settle in. It took about 10-12wks then all the bleeding and spotting stopped pretty much overnight and has not returned at all. I was just about to make and appointment with my OB to have it removed. I do not get AF at all.
    You can have the strings shortened, I was explained they will also wear down or become less noticeable.

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    I bled for 9 weeks after having the Mirena inserted. Think I had light periods for the next 2 or three months, then nothing at all. I usually have a very heavy flow and a long period (around nine days), so not having a period was bliss. Unfortunately, the hormones sent me loopy and I had the Mirena removed about two years after having it put in... once I figured out why I was such a fat, miserable cow!!

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