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Thread: Insertion & Removal of Mirena IUD

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    Smile Iud incertion and Removal because of abnormal cells and cervical Cancer

    I had a copper T IUD inserted 6 weeks after my son Benjamin Was born in June of 2004, on I had at that time been diagnosed with Cervical Dysplasia stage three the cells that produce cervical cancer. On October 22nd 2004 I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and my surgery was schedraled for November 24th 2004. when i went in for the surgery they removed a good portion of my Cervix and ultametly had to remove my IUD. I than went on the patch for 6 months ((which was absoultly horrible when your allergic to the adhesive on the patch and walked around for months after goin off it with square scars along the adhesion spots)) On May 5th 2005 I had the Mirena IUD incerted and havent thought twice about it ... Both were quickly inserted within 30 seconds of the procedure starting and was generaly painless save for a ***** that felt like a bee sting in the wrong spot. I haven"t had a regular period since than save for some spotting here and there as of lately . My Husband and I are planning the removal of the Mirena On December 4th and are Happily planning for our 4th child, for which if we secceed in becoming pregnant after delivery I will be going back on the Mirena IUD I wouldnt use any other birthcontrol after trying it.

    Good luck Mamma B with your abnormal Cells and I hope this helps you to make the right decision that is right for you.

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    Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone else can share details of the cost of the actual IUD and the cost of insertion, and who does what (ie, GP writes the script and refers you to GYN for insertion, or how does it work?

    Can it be done at your 6 week post natal check without cervical dialation? I have had two children but both by C/S with no dialation, although I have had a D&C years ago which I assume they would have had to dialate me for..

    Any info is appreciated. Thanks

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    skeetaboat, mine cost me $34 for the mirena itself.
    My GP is trained to do it so she did it and charged it to medicare. When I got my first one put in I had a GP who didn't do it so a gyno did it and I had to pay a gap fee. I also had to pay a gap fee for my 6 week check.

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