I got my mirena put in Feb this year. After the initial bleeding settled down my "period" regulated back to the 31 day cycles it had been pre DS and it only consisted of light spotting that lasted a day or 2. Yesterday I got really bad cramping and when I went to the toilet I was bleeding. I'm only mid cycle as well so not due. It is probably about the flow of what I would class as a normal period for me pre Mirena. I'm still bleeding today and cramping so am wondering if this is normal or should I contact my Dr. My OB put it in hence why I'm hesitant to bother him if it's normal. I don't know if this impacts or not but DH and I DTD the night before it started so I guess I'm concerned that it's moved or something. Anyone had something similar happen?

ETA I decided that it wasn't normal for me so I called my Obs clinic and spoke to the midwife and she agrees it needs investigating so have an appointment for tomorrow.