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Thread: Mirena IUD: Pros & Cons

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    Default Mirena IUD: Pros & Cons

    This thread is to compile a list of your experiences with the Mirena IUD. If you could please reply to this thread with answers to the following info, which you can edit and update as you like down the track if things change:

    When you started using the IUD:
    Any issues with insertion?:
    Any side effects or problems?:
    Would you recommend to others? Why?:
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    Wow..a timely new thread!!

    I had my Mirena put in 3weeks ago.
    I went to my OB for my post natal check at 7wk and discussed options and decided this was the way to go as we intend not to have any more children. At this consult she did a swab to check for infection as you can't have it put in if there is and also to check that the cervix would be ok with it. She mentioned she had one woman who had a large cervix opening that the Mirena would have fallen out. I was given a script to take to the chemist and shown what the box would is huge in comparison to the size of the mirena. I was also given an information booklet too on the Mirena.
    Insertion itself was less than a minute it was all the prep work and finishing off that took up to 10-15min or so..she used a chair with stirrups, it reclines also. She starts off like you are having a pap smear and then has to sterilise your cervix and insertion area thoroughly. The Mirena is small so don't be put off by the box or bits and pieces It is pretty much like having a very long pap smear.
    I was advised to take my time putting the chair back up right and getting up when she had finished as some women feel dizzy initially after having it put in. I was fine.
    So far no problems. I am having regular spotting that sometimes requires a Tampon and I wear a liner every day. This is apparently quite normal while your body adjusts.
    My SIL has one and she said to give it 3mths, which my OB confirmed as well.
    I am not having any other side effects and I do not feel it. My DH doesn't feel it either DTD. Apparently some DH's do?
    For me this is a great option as the Contraceptive pill relies on me taking it every day (normally wouldn't be a problem). I also had a few problems with the pill before being pregnant with DD, as in emotional, grumpy and so on. The Mirena is great as I don't have to think about any contraception at all for five years and so far I am feeling normal, well and getting on with being a Mum of 3
    Will keep you posted if things change, I go back in 3wks for a check and then have yearly ultrasounds to make sure it is still in place and where is should be.
    My OB advised that I can have it taken out anytime and to just call and let the reception staff know and they would put me in ASAP if I needed it.

    Look forward to reading everyone elses experiences.

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    When you started using the IUD: Over a year ago
    Any issues with insertion?: None at all. No pain and no bleeding.
    Any side effects or problems?: No
    Would you recommend to others? Why?: I would definitely recommend it. It's inexpensive, easy contraception that is easy to get removed and doesn't affect your fertility later on.

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    Default My Mirena Story

    Quote Originally Posted by BellyBelly View Post
    This thread is to compile a list of your experiences with the Mirena IUD. If you could please reply to this thread with answers to the following info, which you can edit and update as you like down the track if things change:

    When you started using the IUD:
    Any issues with insertion?:
    Any side effects or problems?:
    Would you recommend to others? Why?:


    *I am trying to inform women of the possible serious side effects of the Mirena IUD.

    Hi , and welcome , I'm 49 and had Mirena to control heavy periods not for contraception my Dr suggested to try it before getting a hysterectomy , I thought it was the best thing ever until I started having a few problems and didn’t know what was causing them, I done some research and found out it was Mirena causing my medical problems ,
    read my story below.........


    My Mirena IUD was inserted September 2004. It was removed 29th May 2008.
    ***** I had the Mirena put in four years ago , I had terrible pain the day after, it was that bad I was going to go to the hospital Emergency to get the thing out but I put up(the worst thing I done in my life, I'm paying for it now)*with it and it and the pain got a bit better , had a lot of bleeding (spotting)*for the first six months and then it finally went away and had no more periods.
    For the first year I thought Mirena was Great but then the problems started . I started to gain a lot of weight ,Very sore breasts , cysts, I also had a lump removed from my left breast on October 11th 2007,*but I didn't know until recently that it was most likely caused by* Mirena. Some of the other problems I had, My stomach bloated, I look like I'm six months pregnant ,I have a cyst on my left ovary , dry skin , acne ,strange depression , which I have Never had before in my life , headaches ,and the Worst of all I had to have my Thyroids REMOVED*on 1st Nov 2006*and I'm pretty sure that was caused by Mirena as well, so now I have to take thyroid Medication for the rest of my life , I had the Mirena removed as soon as I done some searching on the internet for my unexplained medical *problems, mainly my weight as I had weighed about the same my whole adult life (never had a problem with weight)and now I had put on a few stone and now I have to try and lose it , as for my thyroid I have trouble getting the Meds right its a real pain , blood tests all the time. I just don't feel I have much left in my life, depressed ,sick all the time.
    I eat well as I have high cholesterol(hereditary not from my diet) so its not that I over ate, I noticed you do feel a lot more like eating sweet things. I feel so bad I don't go out much anymore I don't see friends or family, I'm to depressed about my*weight now. I am in the process of trying to find out if there is a Class Action Law Suit in Australia. If anyone knows of a Class Action in Australia could they Please let me know.
    After having the Mirena removed I thought I was doing ok only a bit of spotting,but about 3 weeks*after having it removed I got my period and the pain was unbearable, I was in agony stomach cramps and I bleed so much I thought I was going to die from blood loss, also the scariest was the huge blood clots, very scary, must of been four years of period in 1 week, I couldn't believe how bad it was, I felt really sick and weak, but thank goodness its eased off now after a week.
    I just hope now I might slowly start and feel like my old self.
    I'm also on medication for heart palpatations , thanks to Mirena , I get Heart palpitations (SVT)*a few times a week, it was under control with NO medication, but it got worse the last couple of years I had Mirena and I didn't know it was Mirena making it worse until recently.
    I had my heart palpitations just after my thyroid removal op and was put on ECG and my heart rate was 176 Beats per Minute* I was rushed to Intensive Care and* I had to have an injection called Impending Doom (It makes you feel you are going to die) to slow my heart rate, it worked and I was kept in intensive car for 3 days , very scary thing to go through I hope I never have to go through that again , and now I also take Magnesium to help control them as well as Metoprolol which I have been on for some years and I recently read that if you are on Mirena you shouldn’t take Metoprolol, it increases the side effects of Metoprolol.
    So if you have had any bad experiences with Mirena please let us know, it will help others with their problems, hopefully.
    I just wish I never got Mirena and my advice is DONT its not Worth the risk, if the Doctors had of told me about the BAD side effects I would*NEVER of had it put in. Sorry about going on so long,*All the best*to you all,
    Thanks, Net.*

    **** UPDATE
    Well I'm waiting for hysterectomy any day now. , I'm hoping that will sort out the hormonal problems and the extreme heavy periods.

    I am going to Melbourne Friday 29th Jan to see Heart specialist and organize operation to fix my heart palpitations as I also have VPC's
    'Im a bit worried but if it fixes it, it will be worth it.
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    When you started using the IUD:
    I had in inserted during a laporoscopy as a treatment for endo in December 08

    Any issues with insertion?: None, I was under a GA already.

    Any side effects or problems?: I had most side effects. Weight gain, severe bloating (up to 4kg of fluid retention during a bleed), zero libido, intense pain like hot pokers were being pushed into my uterus), bleeding for 3 weeks out of every 5 and a feeling of being totally out of control of my body to name a few. I decided to have it removed in March (after the recommended 3mths wait) because the really was no point in keeping it in because it didn't settle down at all and upon seeing my gyno to have it removed, he couldn't find the strings. I could never feel the strings and assumed that they were cut short and I just couldn't reach them. He gave me a trans-vaginal ultrasound to see if it was still there and not just fallen out and it was there - the entire IUD had moved inside my vagina and was pushing against my uterus and there was some growth/scar tissue around it. He said it probably happened due to having had 4 children and my uterus not being as small as that of someone who had no children etc so the IUD had room to move in there whereas it should be held in place by the uterus. I had to have it removed under a GA and have a D&C as well. I was booked in for April 24. Over that time things still did not improve at all. About a week after having it out I started to feel better again and more like myself - plus my libido returned. The first bleed I had afterwards was shocking. It was as heavy as initial lochia - with gushes and large blood clots like you wouldn't believe - I would shower and they were literally falling to the bottom of the shower. I was really concerned about it and at one point I felt quite faint and dizzy. The bleeding stayed heavy for the next 3 days and I did feel light headed, but I started taking iron tablets and once the bleeding slowed right down I felt better again. The following few periods were quite heavy, but not as severe as that very first one. Things have settled down now to what I call normal for me.

    Would you recommend to others? Why?: Honestly I think Mirena is evil BUT I would reccommend it to others because again, it is one of those things where one person's experience will be different to another person's and you just don't know until you have it in and a lot of women have it in for the full duration and not have a single problem. I was at the point where I had to at least give it a try because the endo was starting to affect my life as well and I had nothing to loose by trying it.

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    When you started using the IUD: June 2008
    Any issues with insertion?: Nope, under GA for D&C. No pain or bleeding afterwards
    Any side effects or problems?: depression, hot flushes
    Would you recommend to others? Why?: Definitely. It is the best contraception i have ever used. The good outweigh the bad most definitely.

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    When you started using the IUD
    : August 09
    Any issues with insertion?: The strings were slightly too long so scratched DH but a trim fixed that
    Any side effects or problems?: I bled for a few weeks but since then I have not seen AF or had any issues
    Would you recommend to others? Why?: Absolutely!! The Implanon disagreed with me but I love the Mirena. It puts the hormones where they are needed rather than stuffing around with pills which rely on digestion or putting into the blood stream where it can affect other parts of the body before it reaches the intended destination.

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    *******Please read re; Mirena IUD**********

    Hi all,

    I had a Mirena put in place around 2 1/2 years ago. First of all it wasn't painful, just a little uncomfortable. My stomach was bloated and my breasts very sensitive for the next few months and my periods had stopped. I took several pregnancy tests because the symptoms were the same (all negative of course just a symptom of the mirena which passed). It was great for the first year. No (or very few) periods..very convenient. I was then struck down with Ross River Virus. The symptoms of this improved after around 6months.

    After a year I was expecting to be back to my normal self. This wasn't the case. I was exhausted and became very depressed and the point of being suicidal. I was placed on antidepressants. These helped for a while. I was still extremely exhausted. Recently I have had other symptoms like joint and muscle pain (again..I had this with ross river virus), severe bloating (i look like I'm 6months pregnant sometimes), cramps, severe exhaustion, weight gain, terrible lower back pain, painful ovarian cysts, hair loss, acne on my face, back and chest and have been back to have my antidepressant medication changed as I became suicidal again. I am also seeing a psychologist. I feel like I'm walking around in a cloud most of the time...just not connected. I have had blood tests and (full blood count, iron etc). All fine according to my GP. Last week I had an internal ultrasound which confirmed another 5cm ovarian cyst. The nurse who performed the ultrasound mentioned the mirina can confuse the ovaries and can also cause the cysts. My doctor discounted this and said if I wanted the mirena out to make another app for a procedure. For the last week I have been surfing the internet almost until my fingers have bled and have found thousands of similar stories from women who have had the mirena and had exactly the same symptoms. I am so relieved that I have found a probbable cause for my health problems as they just seem to be getting worse.

    I have an app to have the mirena removed tomorrow and can't wait!! From all the worrying stories I have read this week I can say there has been one positive and that is the outcome. When the women have the Mirena removed their symptoms have disappeared. I am hoping this will be the case for me. I have three beautiful boys and a very supportive husband to reconnect with. I know that a lot of women have no problems at all but I don't think our GP's should discount the thousands of women who do have bad experiences. To those of you who have the Mirena good luck and just be aware of what can happen. Don't discount the knowledge you have of your own body.
    Thanks for reading. I hope this has been a valuable contribution. I will update post Mirena.

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    I had my mirena inserted at my 6 wk checkup after my 3rd baby was born back in 2008. The insertion hurt but was bearable, I got a hot flush in my head and my doctor said "Thats because it's like someone harassing your internal organs." nice.
    I had no problems with it at first, the cramping lasted a day, the bleeding was annoying at first, irregular and lasting 10 or so days but that finally settled and I started getting regular monthly periods but lasting 5 days instead of my 7 before IUD. I thought was normal because doc said its different for every woman, some stop menstruating and some don't.
    I was feeling very moody start of 2010 so saw doc and asked if could be mirena. He said no. I was put on antidepressants which hasn't changed my feeling.
    I went to another doc to have it removed on Tuesday. She couldn't find it so she did an internal ultrasound. Still not able to find it I was sent to a radiologist on Friday.
    They couldn't locate it on ultrasound either. "Are you sure it didn't fall out" No I think I would've noticed that.
    I had an x ray and they sent me home not saying anything. I called my doc from Tuesday and she said it is not in my uterus. It's in my abdomen! I wasn't in any excrutiating pain for me to think something had gone wrong.
    If I had not just wanted to take it out for my own peace of mind I would not have found out its perforated.
    Sorry it's long. If have it get regular checkups. Am interested in class lawsuit. It needs more research or at least more advice given to patients other than "Its the safest reliable way"

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    Default Feeling let down

    When you started using the IUD: June 2009
    Any issues with insertion?: Extremely Painful
    Any side effects or problems?: Please see below
    Would you recommend to others? Why?: Please see below

    As with the above message I to have just found out my mirena is now located in my Abdomen.
    Due to having such heavy periods for so long, and terrible mood swings I decided I wanted it removed. I seen my doctor 6/5 and he tried to find it for over 20mins, only to be not able to find it. He sent me for an internal ultrasound and I found myself having also an x-ray and then a CT scan. My doctor is calling me tomorrow to schedule an operation to have it removed ASAP. My bad news just keeps coming. After having a horrible night mare last night about a baby I took a pregnancy test today. And yep it’s positive. So not only do I have to deal with a Mirena in my abdomen I now have to deal with the outcome of being pregnant and feeling sick over the thought of having exposed it to radiation from the x-rays and ct-scans. I honestly feel so let down and I'm sure this doesn't happen with everyone, however if someone was to ask me my opinion, I would definitely tell them my story and hope they make the right decision.
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    Default Mirena - Try everything before turing to one of these

    Quote Originally Posted by BellyBelly View Post
    This thread is to compile a list of your experiences with the Mirena IUD. If you could please reply to this thread with answers to the following info, which you can edit and update as you like down the track if things change:

    1. When you started using the IUD: Any issues with insertion?:
    2. Any side effects or problems?:
    3. Would you recommend to others? Why?:

    1. 3 years ago I was 25 and no children. I had a D&C and keyhole surgery to look for cysts or endo, none found - at the same time they inserted my Mirena. The Mirena was the last thing on my list to try to stop really bad period pain, mood swings and random bleeding - so random the DR says "that's not normal"

    2. a little spotting, and was in pain - propably from the surgery though. Since then no periods, just a little spot here and there. I have gained weight, lost my sex drive and lack energy but i was expecting it because i did my research. I wasn't expecting depression or anxiaty - i got both; i've been on anti-depressants for a yr, now i'm off them but it was so hard. i don't want to go through this again.

    3. I recommend to use it - but only if you have tried everything else. don't go and get one in if you haven't done your research and if you haven't tried other options.

    Now i'm 28 and still no children and i've decided to get mine out next week - i hope my period pains and bleeding don't come back

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    1. When you started using the IUD: Any issues with insertion?: 1st one - After my son was born. I got a referral at my 6 week check up. 2nd one - about 9 months ago. The insertion for the 1st one was painless the 2nd one hurt like hell. I won't be seeing that Dr for my next one.
    2. Any side effects or problems?: 1st one No. Until it fell out one day. 2nd one - some irregular bleeding and long periods in the first 6 months now nothing.
    3. Would you recommend to others? Why?: Yes. For me it's been awesome. No side effects hardly any bleeding. No babies. I liked it so much that I got a second one after the 1st one. I do have to keep an eye on it because my body rejected the 1st one but if this one falls out I'll get another lol. I just check my strings once a week to make sure everything is ok.

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    Default Another disappearing Mirena

    I had a Mirena inserted about 14 years ago in South africa.It was done under GA as the insertion was too painful. Just before we moved to Australia 7 years ago I decided to have it removed as I was experiencing skin problems and spotting.They could not find the thread so I was booked for another GA to remove it.When I woke up the gynae said she couldn't locate it but had seen a shadow on a scan of my abdomen which she thought was the IUD.
    We were moving countries so I decided to leave it.
    I then started experiencing cramping and pain on my RHS of my abdomen on a regular basis. I went for another scan and they thought they could see shadows near my right ovary.The doctor said that it might have attached to the ovary and when I ovulated that caused the pain. I haven't done anything about removing it as I don't have private health cover.However I have had ongoing nerve pain in my Rh arm and my remedial massage therapist recommended that I have it removed.She had a patient with ongoing nerve problems that were only remedied when her IUD was removed from her abdomen.
    I would be interested in class action. Originally when the Mirena couldn't be removed I was asked to sign a disclaimer by the Mirena company which I didn't do.

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