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    Well I have had the mirena for 9 months now with no complications. Had pretty constant bleeding at the beginning as expected, started getting regular light periods after about 2months and been pretty sweet ever since. There was some minor pain which faded to slight discomfort during sex but I do have a piece of plastic up there after all. My strings are still in place. So all of that was good, now though, not so much. I have been spotting off and on for about a month now . I am not pregnant as I had to do a pee test for the hospital on the 23rd June as I had to get my gallbladder removed and that was negativeAt that stage, if there had of been any chance of pregnancy, I would have been 4-5weeks and so it would have come back positive. It was negative and so I am not pregnant. I am getting other symptoms that are pregnancy like, including nausea. Most of them though I can likely put down to having my gallbladder out, the others I am assuming are side effects from the mirena. My problem though is that why would different side effects start roughly 8 months after getting the mirena in? I will be seeing a gp about it once I get the balls to do so but has anyone else had this or similar occur and if so, why and what was the outcome? I will repeat once more that I am not pregnant and will add to that that there is no way I want another child ever unless it were fostering and that is why I have the mirena as I am too young to get my tubes tied.

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    I had a Mirena after the birth of my DS, who is now almost 7. It was great for the first 12 months or so - no periods (after 9 weeks initial bleeding), didn't need to remember to take a pill, no condoms... Then, to cut a long story short, I became a fat, hormonal b!tch. My moods were like riding a roller coaster. I literally went from top of the world to down in the dumps to raging anger in the space of a minute. I was miserable, my kids didn't know what was going on and my DH was afraid to walk in the door at night because he didn't know which wife would greet him. It took me about 12 months, so had the Mirena in for 2 years, to figure out that the IUD might have been the cause of my problems. When it was inserted, my OB told me it excreted such a minute amount of hormone that I wouldn't suffer any side effects so I discounted the Mirena for my moods, lack of libido and weight gain. Eventually, I was so desperate that I would have cut off my right arm to feel normal, emotionally stable. I went to my GP and asked her to check my hormone levels with a blood test. I mentioned that I had a Mirena. She told me that she removes approximately two Mirena's PER WEEK for women complaining of the same symptoms as me. I had the Mirena removed a week later and within a fortnight I felt calmer, less volatile. My husband told me he felt he could finally be himself around me instead of walking on eggshells. I apologised to my children! It took a month or two for me to feel normal, during which time I lost 6 kilo's with no effort.

    Google 'Mirena side effects' and you will find thousands of women with stories similar to mine.

    I have two friends with a Mirena who have had it long term and they love it, no side effects whatsoever. I also have three friends who have had their Mirena removed for reasons very similar to my own.

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