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Thread: weight gain with mirena

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    Default weight gain with mirena

    I know that your not supposed to gain weight or it's a very minimal amount, but if it's not my mirena I must have become a sleep eater.
    I have put on weight especially around my stomach area and I have only had this stupid thing in for about 6 months.
    I have really noticed the gain in the last 6 or so Weeks which is funnily enough when my bleeding had finally settled itself. Surely it's related??
    Anyone else gain weight while you had one?

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    Sorry I have had mine in about 6 months and have actually lost weight???

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    Yes, it made me a fat, grumpy cow. I had mine removed after about 2 years when I finally realised that the Mirena might have been the problem. The weight gain was not as bad as the mood swings... OMG, the mood swings.

    I lost about 7 or 8kg within a few months of having the Mirena removed with no change to my diet or exercise levels.

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    I gained weight and huge fluid retention problems on top of that! I think that them saying you *shouldn't* put on weight is misleading, because like all hormonal contraception, some women WILL put on weight. I hated every single minute of it being in my body.

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