thread: Will my af return?

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    Feb 2008
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    Will my af return?

    I havent had af since i got pregnant with the twins when they were 5 months old i got the mirena in.
    I was breastfeeding up until 2 weeks ago. Does the mirena stop periods or was it breastfeeding that did it?
    Guess i just want to know if i should expect her return

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    Jan 2012

    From what I have heard from friends who have gotten the mirena, It stops AF all together, So you shouldn't be expecting her until you get it removed

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    I have mirena and I still get a very tiny af, not enough for tampons etc but it's there when I wipe IYKWIM. Everyone is different.

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    Aug 2008

    Mine did return but only very annoying spotting once I stopped breast feeding

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    Jul 2008
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    Im still b.fing and get the annoying spotting too

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    Feb 2008
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    Im feeling crampy today so we will see.
    Also i probably should have done this before but how do you check for the strings and how do you know they are in the right place?

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    I do not get AF with my Mirena. Sometimes I get a little bit of brown discharge that will last a day or so and that is it. This could be every few months if that. My SIL also has one and gets nothing at all.
    To check for strings, you have to get to your cervix and run your finger around it. The strings will feel like like little pieces of super fine cotton. Sometimes they can go missing, sometimes they just wear away.
    If you are worried at all, go to your GP and get them to check for you. If they can't feel them, they will send you off for an U/S to see if it's still in place.
    My SIL's mirena strings went missing, still OK and still working. She went for an U/S and the mirena was still OK. It just meant when she got a new one, she had to go into hospital for a 10min procedure under anaesthetic to have it removed and the new one put in.