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Thread: Commemoration Ideas

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Commemoration Ideas

    This thread is for ideas on how to commemorate your angel baby.

    Have you found a special and unique way to commemorate your angel baby, or are looking for something special? Please share your thoughts and ideas here.

    What did you do, or are you thinking about doing?

    Some things that I found very therapeutic were:

    ~ Writing poems
    ~ Buying a special pot plant or plant for the garden
    ~ Writing a letter
    ~ Putting together a keepsake box

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    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles


    ~ Keeping a Journal
    ~ Frame Birth Certificate (after 20weeks) or
    ~ Certificate of Life (from Teddy Love Club)
    ~ Name Meaning Certificate
    ~ Photos of the flowers received
    ~ Copies of Ultrasound pictures
    ~ Drawn Images of Baby -yours or professionally done (please e-mail me if you would like details on this)
    ~ Planting a garden in memory of Baby (family & friends can give plants /roses as a living memory)
    ~ Getting a plaque made for Baby
    ~ Garden sculpure or ornament
    ~ Creating a Scrapbook or Memory album
    ~ Buy a piece of Jewellery & having it engraved
    ~ Getting a Tattoo (I am too chicken)
    ~ Choosing a special ornament, painting, picture in memory of your Baby for your home
    ~Sunrise or sunset on day of baby's birth

    Some of these I was able to do and some I want to do but have not got around to doing

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    kirsty Guest


    During & after we lost Alex I kept a journal ~ only wish I had gotten off my butt & kept it from the time we found out we were pg (I kept one with James' pg but just never got around to doing one for Alex).

    We also have photos from just after he was born which have gone into a keepsake box with his memory book from the hospital, the clothes he wore & his blankets. It also contains a teddy that one of my dearest gf's bought for him, plus it has all the cards that we received from people.

    I have bought a garden angel ~ am yet to actually make a garden for him as we are talking of moving (either buying or building) soon & I don't want to put all that effort in & then move. But when we are settled permanently then I will be doing it.

    Last Christmas DH bought me a necklace with a letter "A" on it with diamonds to remember him. Loads of people ask my why the A & when I explain they all go "what a beautiful thing to do".

    Plus every day I wear my "mother & baby" angel pin that my mum bought for me while we were in hospital waiting to see what would happen.

    Ooooh I forgot that a gf got us a frame with the meaning of his name in it for us & that is on display on one of our tables with loads of family photos on it.

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    I printed up some poems and made it into a folder for my first m/c and Matthew. With Matthew's I added his u/s photos to the front cover.
    I also bought 2 guardian angel pins, one for September when I had my first m/c and a March one for when we lost Matthew. Everywhere I go I wear then next to my heart so I know they are with me wherever I go.

    Trish, I love all the ideas you have come up with.

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    We are yet to do our little rememberence thing, but the idea is, on my eternity ring I will have a diamond for each of us, one for our MC (hopefully only one) one for each child, and one for DH and one for me...

    They will be 'hammer set' and be equally placed around the ring.

    I will have each of us with me all the time...

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    I have a box full of all the littel things from my first pregnancy: my pregnancy test, my pregnancy journal, some little clothes that I had bought, cards from friends etc. It is in the top of my wardrobe and I add an letter to my Little Sprog every year, on the date of my loss (19th July). I get the box down very rarely, becasue it makes me cry my heart out, but in a theraputic way, IYKWIM?

    Also, we planted an olive tree in our front garden in our old house in Adelaide. The house is going to be demolished in a few months and we are building on the block, but Andrew has already promised to re-plant the tree. We don't live there at the moment, but I often go out of my way to drive past and check our tree! (It is looking so beautiful & sturdy and strong). The memory of Andrew planting that tree will stay with me forever.

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    I bought a christmas decoraion for the tree and it has a baby angel on it, so our angel is remembered very christmas...

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    shuett Guest


    I have a website that publishes memorials online. These are great because family and friends from all over the world can visit.

    Its a completely free non profit service and you can contact me for the address.

    Regards, Sandy

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    i was wondering if you guys could hep me. My friend lost her baby at 38 weeks. Her placenta tore away and her little girl died. She had to give birth etc.

    I want to get her a plant as a memorial. Does anyone have any ideas about what type of plant to get her that has a name - etc that is fitting. She named her little girl Jasmin - so i didn't know if there was even something with her name in it.

    Also, i read some of your poems that were absolutely beautiful but there were so many of them. Does anyone know a good one off the top of their head that would be suitable to give in this situation

    many thanks in advance.

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    There is a lovely smelling rose called "Mother's Love" that I was given before Caitlyn was born.

    I also had a star named for her through the observatory in Sydney (but I am sure they would be done elsewhere). The star will return each year for around 6 weeks either side of the date you choose, which could be the baby's birth date, EDD or some other date that is important. It was important for me as it gave me a permanent momento of her existence.

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    I am so sorry for your friend's loss. You are very caring friend to think of her.

    There is also the Children's rose (soft pink) and Angel Face ( deeper pink and very pretty frilly petals)

    I would read through the poems and see what you like best or print the lot off for her.

    Jasmin is a fragrant bush too - very easily available.

    "~???~ DD Charlotte Rose 1/9/04 26wks ~???~"
    Expecting IVF twins July 06

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    One thing i did as a memorial to ~Noah~ was to sponsor a child. We lost our son, and i felt that i needed to give another child the chance to live.

    I dont really know how to explain it, but it felt like something i needed to do.


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    Lisa, no need to explain - I understand how you feel as we have done the same thing. We sponsor a little girl in Guatemala in honour of the daughter that we lost.

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    I am so glad I found this thread. A girlfriend of mine delivered her baby girl last week (@15 weeks) because of complications they found at her ultrasound. I don't know exactly what I can do to help her commemorate Imogen's life but I have just seen a suggestion from one of you lovely ladies. I am going to get her name and it's meaning and put it in a frame. Thank you so much girls - your stories are lovely.
    I am also going to suggest to her to come and join Belly Belly.
    THanks again

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    JamieR Guest


    Though they are not plysically present amongst us, they will always b there as part of our lives and in our memories.

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    Silvia Guest


    When DD was diagnosed with AML I decided to write a diary about our journey againts Leukemia, when DD got older (3 1/2) she began noticing that I was writing and she gave me ideas and sometimes told me what to write she liked me to write something special that she did that day.

    I framed her birth certificate

    A scrapbook about her and her achievements with pictures it's coming out very nice becuase not only DH and I do it but DD#2 and DS can help, I have special poems.

    I have a special portafolio it has drawings about her that I made when she was alive and some now.

    DH uses a golden chain that DD gave to him.

    In life, we had(she asked for it) a special bracelet that had a heart and the heart is broken in half, she had the Friend and I have the Best part I still use it(hope you undestand me)

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    We recently lost a baby (10w 4d not found until our 12 week scan) and i went onto the my teddy website and had a bear made for our angel baby. It arrived today and has made our loss a little easier to handle.

    ETA: Pics
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    The above ideas are all very beautiful and I got teary eyed just reading them...

    All my miscarriages were very early, so I didn't have much in the way of keepsakes. But I do have one u/s picture.

    My last two mis's were commemorated by releasing a balloon in the cemetary where my father and preemie brother are buried.

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