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    Hi, I am pretty sure I am having a miscarriage. I am around 5.5 weeks and 2 days ago I had cramping, then the next day there was a brown discharge and last night the pains got really bad and now I have bright red blood. I am just wanting to know do I need to go and see a doctor? Is there anything they will do?

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    The doctor will give you a blood test to see what your levels are now and then a follow up blood test to make sure everything has passed. My second mc was at 6.5 weeks and we just waited it out.

    I'm sorry hun, go gently.

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    if you are concerned i would suggest you go see a doctor. i went to the ER on sunday night with the same thing and unfortunately it was what i thought.

    i am sorry you are going through this. big hugs.

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