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Thread: Does anyone use an au pair?

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    Default Does anyone use an au pair?

    I have been looking at websites and wondering if this is something that I might be able to look into - maybe and english or american one?
    Has anyone had experiences with them??
    I had a look at the other threads, they are getting old so wondered if anyone has recent experiences.

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    A friend of mine here in Perth uses then, only downside is that she seems to have a new one every 3-4 months which can be hard on the kids. Hers have been mainly Japanese and European (a couple were German).

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    Hi sunshine,

    I have been considering an au pair as well. Several of my friends have one and also a few of the mums at school.

    From what I know Ang is spot on - American and English ones are not so easy to find, most I've come across are German or French. The longest I have heard of one staying is 6 months - I'm just not sure i want someone living with us full time... And even though it's much cheaper than a nanny - you also need to provide them with a car if you want them to be able to transport your kids etc (DH has suggested I give up my new Volvo SUV for the au pair and get a small car for one

    I am pretty keen - but worry about leaving little babies with someone young and from overseas. However they are well screened and as they live with you - I think you can observe what's going on. I would advise using a reputable agency, in perth we have a few to choose from.

    Good luck


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