thread: thinking of getting an au pair

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    thinking of getting an au pair

    I've been thinking about getting some kind of help around the house. I have a very active almost 11 month old, am trying to get my small business up and running (from home), and I am single. I don't have any family near me apart from my mum who helps out one afternoon per week so I can get some sewing done (my business), but I am finding I really need more help than that. I prefer not to send my baby to child care.

    So I have been thinking about getting an au pair. I live in an area popular with overseas backpackers who come here to work as fruit pickers for a few months on their way around Australia, so I thought about finding someone directly (via note on noticeboard or something) instead of going through an agency. I really can't afford to pay for this as I am madly saving for travel and bubs schooling etc, so I was thinking of an exchange type scenario.. accommodation in exchange for work. I can't really have someone for more than two or three months, as then I would have to get them put on my lease. It would be wonderful to have company, I have always lived with other people and am finding living alone with a baby very isolating, so I'm looking forward to sharing a house again, if I find the right person obviously.

    What I am thinking is placing an ad something like this:

    Wanted: Au Pair
    Accommodation, basic food and internet provided in exchange for 10 hours (?) baby care/house work per week. Must have police check, and working with children check. Must love babies, be eco-friendly, and be a non-smoker. 2-3 month agreement.

    Is there anything else I should be asking/stating? I am going to have a 1-2 week trial period, and also some kind of thing saying if they do not work the required hours they will need to pay a certain amount for the room, more than one week of no work they will have to move out. Should I be asking for some kind of deposit/bond for the room if they are not paying me rent?

    PS Silly question, but is this 'position' classed as an "au pair"?

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    Hey Bec,

    I think you should do the maths first - 10 hours care is worth about $150-200, does that sound like a fair trade for room, food and internet? Sounds pretty generous if you ask me! I'd be looking to up those hours I think. That's also only two hours a day, over five days a week of course. They aren't going to get much done in just two hours. Otherwise I think it sounds like a great idea!

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    Thanks Ocean Princess, I thought that too but where I live rent is very cheap. I only pay $190 a week for my house, so I think room rentals would be a lot less than that. But then again, if I am saving someone from having to pay anything at all then I am probably in a position to ask for more hours. Maybe 15?

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    I've just hired one to start after the school holidays and I am so incredibly excited, as are the kids. Heard so many good things about it, and when you compare it to childcare costs its phenomenal. Can't wait!

    Re the costs - I have seen people with all sorts of budgets and set-ups at different prices - people are willing to negotiate depending on all sorts of factors. I would jump onto au pair websites, read some profiles from families and get some ideas from there.
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    What a great idea. Hope you find someone perfect for your house.

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    Thought I would post this for you... Australian Nanny & AuPair Network

    I am looking into getting one at the moment - $150 for 25 hours a week, plus food and board. Pretty good. Plus through the agency you know who you are getting etc, not some random.