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    So DD1 is 3.9 months ..
    We tried TT her years ago .. She did a few Wees on the potty .. She regressed . We left it .. Last year I started a box full of hair clips and chocolate and stuff she would want to get her to sit on the toilet . She would for a bit and did one wee on the toilet ..
    Since then she will not go near the toilet .. Says she only wants Nappies .. But then complains that she won't a to wear undies .. Which we let her at home ..

    She won't go near toilet .. Says she is scared of flush . We say she doesn't even need to be in the room , we will flush it ..
    I get that she won't be in Nappies forever and it will come eventually but I'm losing it !!!

    When in undies she holds it for as long as she can and the begs for a nappie to wee in OR she just goes off and does a wee in them and then changes her undies
    In the last few weeks she has done a wee on the lounge .. 3 Wees on her bed .. One on a clean basket of clothes .. Just then she ran into her room sat on her bed and wee.. I asked her where the wee was she laughed and pointed to her bed !!!

    Help !??? Please ..

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    Anyone ?

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    I'd just keep her in nappies for the moment. Or have her in the garden all day with pants and a potty, she has to use the potty then. Plus "accidents" are less stressful when on the lawn! The potty gets over the flush issue too: I know a few who were scared of the flush as young children who are now actually well adjusted.

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    Hmmm, if it's just the flush can you do the, 'if it's yellow, let it mellow' thing? Potty would work too and you can empty and flush later.

    She obviously knows a wee is coming, at least some of the time...can you remind her of the rewards again? Up the excitement about what's in the box? Take her every hour (this worked with DS as he got Jack of being interrupted every hour and then told us in no uncertain terms that he would tell us when he needed to go, lol!)?

    Have you tried reusable pull ups - they look more like undies but are absorbent like nappies so you won't have to clean up accidents all the time?

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    I would stop buying nappies for day and encourage undie free at home. I would take her to the toilet at regular intervals and before leaving the house.

    I would get a bucket of water next to the toilet and when she weeks explain the water is to wash it away. Encourage her to pour the water herself. When she is confident in that explain that's all the flush is...a magical button that pours the water for us.

    I would avoid too many treats and just focus on one treat if she does all the wees in that day on the toilet ie if she doesn't have an accident.

    Good luck! 3.5 is a tricky age for everything!

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