thread: Help! Out of options :(

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    Jun 2009

    Help! Out of options :(

    I am wondering if anybody out there has any tips or ideas for me as I am fresh out of ideas and starting to go a little insane!!

    My daughter turned 3 about 3 months ago and I started toilet training her about 8 months ago and we are still having problems, as most people probably do we had a hard few days to begin with but then started getting the hang of it really well, then after weeks of not many accidents we started having accidents ALL the time, then we got better again for a few weeks and then bad again. Just recently we went for about 4-5 weeks with no accidents and I thought - great she has finally gotten it! But no I spoke too soon and backwards again.

    And when I say backwards we can sometimes change her knickers about 5 times a day! Both #1 and #2's and it is not the whole wee or poo just the start and then does the rest in the toilet.

    I feel like I have tried everything under the sun in terms of rewards, making a big deal, not making a big deal, yelling, not yelling anything - you name it I have tried it!

    Please please if anyone has any ideas or has experienced something similar please let me know as everyone I speak to doesnt seem to have had many issues!

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    Jul 2005

    Have you had her checked for a UTI or another physical problem? Did the regression coincide with illness or a change in your household?

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    Mar 2006

    My DS regressed when babe came along and I also tried everything under the sun so massive hugs

    What finally did it for DS was a reward system of Smarties (which he picked out himself) everytime he went to the toilet and that worked.

    No idea why it worked but it worked.

    Seen she keeps going back and forth between being trained and not have you asked for a medical opinion such as UTI/constipation? Constipation really affect urinary control.

    Good luck.

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    Nov 2008
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    Definitely get her checked out.

    Have you tried reusable pull ups (try Genesa Forge or WomButts)? That way she'll still be in something that looks like undies, that she can pull down if she needs to use the toilet, but much easier to change and will contain any wee or poo. Takes the stress away and turns it back into 'not such a big deal' for you or her.

    You could also try setting an alarm every hour - we used the duck ringtone on the phone - and take her every time it goes off. DS used to hate us asking but didn't mind ducky asking him!

    Definitely keep going the no pressure route as you don't want her anxious about going to the loo - that can cause even more problems.