thread: How did you ditch night nappies?

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    Aug 2008

    How did you ditch night nappies?

    I'm not actually ready to do this, but I know there's a lot of wisdom out there about this and I'd like to access it, if I may.

    DD2 is just turned 2. Three days ago she decided that she's wearing undies now. She hasn't had any accidents, she's ready, so we're just rolling with it, no problems. Except that now, at night, she doesn't like wearing a nappy. Last night she woke up saying "bit dirty, bit dirty!" and wanted me to change it. And it was wet, so I changed it. Similar happened the previous night, but the two nights before that, she was dry.
    Call me what you will, but I'm not getting up at night to change a two year old's nappy. She only just started sleeping through recently, so I'm not in a hurry to go back to night waking. But she's clearly not ready for dry nights either, I don't think.

    Worth noting, too, that she sleeps in fitted cloth nappies, no stay-dry inner. I'm wondering if that might make a difference?

    Anyway, I'm just looking for stories of how other people did it, and I'll see what ideas I can come up with.

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    Re: How did you ditch night nappies?

    The nappy might need a stay dry inner? Otherwise I told mine when their nappy was dry for a week straight then they would be nappy free.

    3 of mine night trained with no issue, the 6 year old refuses to.

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    Re: How did you ditch night nappies?

    We bought pull ups for the three year old and we encourage him to go before bed. Is it's dry in the morning then we can reuse or. Of its not at least it hasn't woken him up because he's wet

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    Re: How did you ditch night nappies?

    We did similar to the others - switched to pull ups at night and encouraged them to get up and go to the toilet when they felt they needed to.

    Once they said they wanted to wear undies at night we said 5 dry nights in a row and then they could. We kept a chart for them.

    Dd1 was 3 when she did this, dd2 was 2.5

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    Re: How did you ditch night nappies?

    My daughter was similar to yours. One day just before she turned two, she decided she was no longer going to wear a nappy. She stayed in night nappies until we had two weeks of dry night nappies, and was then nappy free. We very rarely had a wet bed from her.

    My boys however, were different and didn't want to ditch the night nappies for fear of wetting their beds. DS1 was nappy free by the time he was 3 even though he was dry nearly every night for ages. He wet the bed occasionally, and even now at 6 will have a wet bed every now and again. DS2 has only just agreed to no nappies (again, he's been dry at night for ages) and he's 4 in 4 weeks. He's wet the bed twice in about 4 weeks, but we have had a very stressful month.

    I think if she's dry more often than not at night, then run with the no nappies. You might have a wet bed a few times but that's pretty normal! She will learn that it's uncomfortable and yucky to wet the bed and will get used to going to the toilet if she needs to or holding on until morning.

    Mine only wet the bed during times of change/stress/illness and if they were extra tired, or if they fell asleep without peeing first. I always try to remember to have a spare sheet, blanket and clothes in a pile, ready to change them in case of an accident. It saves you fumbling about half asleep at 2am!