thread: Won't Wear Undies. What Do I Do???

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    Question Won't Wear Undies. What Do I Do???

    Ds2 is 3 years and 4 months old. He shows absolutely no interest whatsoever in toilet training. He refuses to wear undies (even though I have gone out and bought him his own special Thomas undies). He simply rips them off. he sees his older brother going to the toilet, and when I say to him 'do you want to do wees on the toilet like a big boy?' he just yells out 'no! no! no!'. i have tried bribing him by saying that i will buy him a Rosie engine when he does it but nothing is working on him. Where should i start with this? Leave it till summer? Be more forceful? i just don't know what to do.

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    I tried and tried with DD1 to get her to toilet train. Nothing worked. I did everything you did and it didn't work. She just did it herself. Did a wee on the potty (she was scared of the toilet), and it just clicked. Took about two weeks all up from there, she also night trained at the same time. She was around your DS's age as well.

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    Hun I'd just leave him

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    My DS flat out refused also until one day he just took himself to the toilet and that was that. It was like a little bulb just suddenly went off. At 4 he still isnt night trained but Im not overly concerned about that atm.

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    ok, thanks for your advice. i guess i'll just give him some more time pretty tired of changing poo nappies though!!!)

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    I don't blame you!!
    Does he watch DH going to the toilet?

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    I had same issues with DS1. In end I left him and at 3 years 7 months something clicked and he wore undies and never looked back! We only had 2 wee accidents and both time because excited to see someone and forgot on way to toilet and a week of poo issues as he was scared to do it toilet.

    On his 4th birthday he told me he didnt need a nappy at night now he was a big boy and have had NO accidents.

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    I have been in a similar position with DS. He was very aware of the process from about 18months and could tell us all about it. He intermittently and occasionally used the toilet from then up until about a month ago when he just got it and he has only had one accident since then. He was three in March. We kept encouraging, suggesting etc but then would have to back off when he would "regress" back into nappies, or only wear undies at daycare but have four accidents a day Even though he is in undies most of the time and usually dry overnight now, he sometimes wants nappies (which he pulls up and down ) and he is using the potty on the floor rather than the potty seat on the toilet. He is doing it his way and despite his cognitive understanding, I suspect he was feeling pushed by our (and childcare's) encouragement and waited until he had full control ITMS.

    The dirty nappies will end and once they're gone, it will probably seem quick in hindsight. I do empathise with you though cause I was completely over it too and DS started to refuse to wear cloth nappies so after nearly 3 years in cloth, I was suddenly having to buy lots of sposies which totally sucked!!

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    My nephew was similar. He toilet trained at 3 year and 7 months. One day it just clicked. He completely refused up until that point. I would just let it be for a couple of months and see what happiness

    Dd who's just turned 3 was wee toilet trained at just past two but only started using potty for poo a couple weeks ago. I tried so many things but it the end just let it go. And she did it eventually.

    Try not to stress, one day it will just click.


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    Will he pee in the yard? Wee on the grass/ants/make puddles etc? Does he show interest in child sized toilets?

    Bribery with chocolate?

    I'm feeling your frustration.

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    When DS1 is on the potty/toilet he gets 100% of one or both of our attention, we read stories, make up silly songs, if it would help, we'd have a special hats for potty/toilet time, or whatever ... and he gets stickers: one for a wee, another for a poo, and a third if the potty visit was his idea!

    DS1 still isn't staying dry over naps, and has accidents, so we're deciding whether to persist or try pull-ups or training pants or something.

    We'll all get there, no doubt!

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    my DS is almost 3 and will take himself off to the toilet if he has nothing on the bottom half..

    It is still a bit cold here, but I turn the heater on in the afternoon, and leave him naked from the waist down.. Not ideal, but I am hoping it will click that it is much better than wearing pull ups.. (which I am thinking of changing since I am convinced he wants them cause they have Cars on them)