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Thread: Anything similar to a Little Squirt?

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    Default Anything similar to a Little Squirt?

    That is cheaper do you know???

    Also how many of you use liners to catch poo in the cloth nappies??

    What do you do if you dont have a little squirt??

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    I see them quite regularly on Ebay - from memory they are about $50-60 but I don't know what they end for.

    I know that from reading here there are some alternatives but people haven't been as happy with them.

    There are also instructions somewhere on the web (but I have lost the link) that tells you everything you need to buy at a hardware shop to install a DIY one - but personally I would probably buy the real think and not muck about for a day trying to find all the right pieces and them put them in the right order.

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    I've been keeping an eye out for them on ebay - just watching. last one i watched went for about $70 I think, and there is one there at the moment that is up to $50 (when I last looked anyway!!)

    We are eventually going to get one, I haven't used the liners yet (I have got some) but since DS has poo much like ours now cos of so many solids, I just usually peel the poo off with a wipe, and then give the nappy a quick rinse under the laundry tap before chucking in the bucket to be washed. So far I've not had a problem with stains or anything..

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    Thanks Girls
    I migth watch ebay for a bit until i get sick of the scrape and rinse method hehe

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