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    Hey there,

    I'm going away very soon afor a week and I'm staying with someone.

    I am flying and can't take a lidded bucket with me nor go to the hassle of getting one when I'm there.

    What can I use that I is compact enough to take on a plane to store the dirty nappies while I'm at this person's house? I'll be washing daily, so it only needs to store 7ish dirty nappies.

    I have a wet bag but I'll be using that to take out, etc. I couldn't live without it!

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    How about the wet bag at home and nappy bags - the disposable sort - when out and about? You can re-use the nappy bags too. Or just a plastic bag from a shop?

    Maybe your friend has a lidded bucket you can use, or she can borrow one - have you asked?

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    Yeah, can't get a bucket at all, she is already going to enough expense, and I am taking 3 kids there LOL.

    My wetbag isn't big you think plastic bags would do to store nappies in till the wash the next morning maybe? If I tied them?

    Didn't recognize you there for a minute...nice name

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    Thanks Tara.

    I would think it would be OK to use plastic bags if you tied them, that's what I do when I goout and my handbag is still poo-free. If Leo is on solids when you go away then his poos may be solid (DS did solid poos from day 1 of solids) so you can flush them away, making it easier.

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    Tara, when i used cloths, i just brought the little plastic nappy bags for disposables. I keep them in my nappy bag for when we where out. I found 1 bag per cloth was enough, but, sometimes used 2 bags, jic. You can generally get the little plastic bags from $2 type shops etc. They are cheaper then the ones at the supermarkets. Then just keep a bigger shopping bag to keep all the dirtys together till you are ready to wash. And if you are using liners, like Caryn said, you can just flush the poop away, and turf the liners for the sake of convience while you are away.

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    Thanks muchly Ryn and Debbie. I'll do that for sure!

    There will still be soupy BF poos then, I'll be starting Leo the weekend after I get back when he hits 6 months old, hopefully he'll just go once a week like he does here. Gonna miss these BF nappies LOL

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    LOL, I prefer the solids nappies - flushable poo and you know when they've been done! Plus they don't smell too bad with a baby on half-and-half (as DS is).

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    The scented nappy sacks are good. I find the wetbag starts to smell after a while, so if I knew I was going to be around other people, like on a plane, I'd use the plastic bags as well as the wetbag. Altho... trying to think back to exclusive b/f poos now! They don't really smell do they. Solids poos STINK lol! You could get hold of some flushable liners, that'd at least get rid of the majority of the poo into the loo without needing to squirt or anything.

    DS still has a mixture of solid roll off the nappy poos and stinky sloppy poos, altho seems to be more of the latter. Think he scoffs down too much fruit! LOL.

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    Tara, i have a few suggestions for you.

    There are wetbags in different sizes.

    You might have a small one that you can fit used nappies on an afternoon out - say 3 - 4.

    then there are larger wetbags, and then there are the really big pail liners like Swaddlebees makes, some people use them instead of a bucket (and you could fold it down to not much to pack to take with you, hang on a door at friend's house). Other people use them to line the nappy bucket with, and literally chuck the bag including all the soiled nappies inside the pail liner, into the washing machine at wash time.

    For the runny poo time, i think in an enclosed space like a car or plane, i think the little silver lined bags you put a frozen drink and lunch in, sold in supermarkets, they often have a velcro fold-down closure - they are great at sealing in smells. I have one just for that purpose - obviously i will never use it for keeping food cold ever again!!!

    ANother idea when you're going out for a day and i don't know how many kids you are MCN-ing at once, but there is a bag sold in Woolworths supermarkets right now, being discontinued, it's purple and i've seen them in royal blue too, the brand tag says "CALIFORNIA", like a nylon outer, silver lined big tote, with zipper closure along the top, two big straps. That's what i would use for a carrying a greater quantity. In the aisle where drink bottles are sold, lunchboxes etc.

    i think wetbags are fantastic for wet nappies, but the silver lined bags totally rock for poo-ey nappies.

    the wee wuns has a very good selection of wetbags and pail liners to look at.

    been trying to work out how i would go, away from our home, with NO LITTLE SQUIRT, what i would do (i just can't see it happening). i must be addicted to LS!!

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