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Thread: dymadon/neurofen stains?

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    Question dymadon/neurofen stains?

    I seem to have some very dark grey IB inserts after DS had a couple of days of needing neurofen & dymadon (won't take panadol ) I've been sunning them (3 of the trifold bits and 2 top bits) for about 3 days now and it's barely started the fade the stain. Anyone have any idea as to how quickly the stains might take to fade or is there some other "safe" way to de-stain them? I did just strip wash them as well (did most of the rest of the inserts (GK & IBs) at the same time)

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    They will fade with consequent washings - I never had sun and only used the dryer, and it would take 3-4 washes to come out. Don't worry about them, they'll fade.

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