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    I have terry flat nappies (Canningvale) that I've been using for 3 years. They are very hard and the loops are all flat so it is very hard to use a snappi with them. We got a new (front loader) washing machine this year. I'm not sure what's making the nappies so hard - vinegar doesn't seem to help and I don't have a tumbledrier. Any ideas of how I can get my loops to fluff up?


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    This is interesting to me because I have a friend that has a front loader and her nappies, which are the same brands as mine, are all hard and stiff. Brand new baby beehinds have gone all stiff on her.

    I swapped her some tots bots bamboozles which were lovely and soft, and in one wash at her house they went all stiff and lost their softness.

    I don't have any suggestions, sorry! Just wanted to say that I know someone else with a front loader having that problem so it does seem that the front loader must make this happen somehow.

    I hope someone has some suggestions!

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    thanks Tara. I've started washing on a gentler cycle to see if it is the quick spin that was doing it. My terry loops are so flattened though that I'll need to fluff them up. So I've started, one nappy at a time, rubbing the nappy all over to raise the loops. I sure hope that they don't go flat in the wash again! Still looking for easier laundering solutions!

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    Try scrunching them up - it doesn't work as well as tumble drying, but it fluffs them up a bit.

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    Sodium biocarbonate in the rinse cycle and a lower speed spin. I do mine at 600 or 800 but mostly 600 and its all good.

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    Also, how quickly do they dry? Something that dries quickly won't have time to move about in the breeze (or something) as it dries, so it'll dry all stiff, whereas the slower it dries, the less stiff it is...does that make sense? So if you live somewhere hot, could you try drying overnight?

    Christy suggested the lower spin speed, which works with my theory, because the wetter your nappies come out, the longer they'll take to dry.

    All the best!

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