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    I know. You don't iron nappies. I don't like ironing so it's not hard to remember.

    BUT. My mother, who claims to hate ironing, has an ironing fettish. I caught her ironing nappies last week! Not pleased.

    What is the damage? Is it that the nappy is less absorbant for that particular use, or does it undo a year of good work with use and washing? Is it permanently damaged, or will it recover?

    Thanks for all your replies and knowledge!

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    Are you talking flats or fitteds here?

    I have absolutley no idea! I imagine it might make them feel a little stiff...she didn't use spray on stuff like starch or ironing aid did she

    A one off probably wouldn't do much I wouldn't think.

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    the only two ways i can see ironing hurting a nappyis if she used sprays as sammi said..these will impair the absorbancy a bit which a strip wash will fix. Or if they are fitteds etc with elastic the heat may slightly have reduced the life expectancy of the elastic and possibly the PUL...other than that I can't see any real harm in it...a bit OTT but hey!

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    She only ironed the flats... I hope! They were soooo stiff, poor DS having to wear them. Good to hear they're not damaged though, thanks.

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