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Thread: Is a liner required with Baby bee botty butter?

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    Default Is a liner required with Baby bee botty butter?

    I'm hoping someone with a bit more experience with cloth will be able to help me. I've just gotten some baby bee botty butter, but I'm not sure if I will need to use a liner with it? It doesn't contain zinc, but I'm not sure if the beeswax also clogs up nappies, does anyone know?

    Ingredients are - various oils, beeswax, cocoa butter and siam benzoin resin.


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    I use the botty butter also with my MCNs and haven't had any trouble with them so far - fingers crossed it stays that way. I did a (tiny) bit of research before I started using it and remember reading that it was the zinc oxide that was the problem. Hope that's the case!

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    I think the general rule is that if the cream rubs in then it is OK. It is only the zinc creams that sit on the skin that I have known to be an issue with MCNs.

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    No, beeswax will require the use of a liner. It's a wax and therefore waterproof. As is lanolin, another ingredient commonly found in barrier creams. Benzoin resin could also be an issue, but this depends on how it is used in the manufacturing process. HTH! Zinc oxide by itself is not the problem (it is a mineral, and in powder form won't damage nappies, but there are other issues with using mineral powders, especially on girls), it is when it is combined with oils or barriers that it is a nightmare to get out of nappies.

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    Thanks for all your responses . Looks like I'll need to get a move on making my liners and hope no nappy rash in the mean time. The MSM MooGoo seems to be working for now .

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