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Thread: Little squirt problem - please help!

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    Default Little squirt problem - please help!

    hi there ladies,
    I have been going through the threads and sorry if this has been asked before, but it can be frustrating!

    we only got our little squirt yesterday, brand new and installed it yesterday, by the instructions very carefully. At first it leaked but it seems to be ok with that now (but not overly confident) BUT now the hose has bulged out in several places ! this happenned very quickly and I have not even used it yet for dirty nappies!

    anyone had this problem? what did you do? Replacement? oh, what a hassel, I have wanted one for so long, I really want it to work as we are soon to have another baby in cloth!

    thanks anyone for your help and/or advice,

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    Sounds like it might be defective! I would take it back and get it exchanged. Did you put that white tape on the thread for the leaking?

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    If the hose has bulged out in places then I think it sounds faulty! Mine definitely doesn't bulge anywhere along the hose. Take pics and email them to the place you bought it from.

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    have you fiddled with the water pressure? it may be too high for the hose? Just a suggestion

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    well, it has been sent back to the little squirt people - I called this morning because on Saturday night the whole thing burst and water everywhere in the bathroom!! the hose burst apart from the trigger !!! She reckons they will send a replacement - I sure hope so, as I did not even get to use it on a single nappy!!! And I SO want one - please ladies give the confidence that it will work and I will love it!!
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    oh dear. that sounds nasty!

    Good luck with the next one hun. Maybe they stored it too long and the hose aged?

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    Oh no! Sounds like you must have had a faulty one, I have never had a problem with mine. I love it and wouldn't be without it!

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    I love mine too, it's even handy for squirting those nasty skid marks off the toilet bowl!!

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