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Thread: Nappy liners!

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    Default Nappy liners!

    Hi all,

    I've been happily using Nature's Child Bio Liners for my nappies for some time now. Loved them, no issues with them.

    Except now my nappy shop is not stocking them anymore! Don't know why! They have starting stocking a Tots Bot variety, which is much smaller and to my dismay, it just doesn't contain the poo!

    We've had some very icky nappies - the liner is too narrow and obviously when DD moves around, it scrunches up longways down the nappy and doesn't catch the poo

    So I'm trying to find some somewhere else!

    Does anyone else use the Nature's Child variety? Or another variety that you've had success with?


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    Default I know, I know!

    Hi Ocean Princes,

    I had the same thing happen today, but I order the same liners from . They're currently out of stock (tried to order today), but will have some next week.
    I'm in a hurry to get some, having run out, so today I ordered them from .
    Happy nappying,


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