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    I made a few raw silk rectangles to use as mcn liners when DD has nappy rash.

    1. Do I still use zinc cream with the silk liners? (I have found the rash appears outside the area of the liner)
    2. How do I wash the silk liners, with and without zinc cream?
    3. Is there any occasion when you wouldn't use silk liners?


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    anyone use silk liners??

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    No I don't but it's a great idea for sensitive skin. I found some MCN would spark rashes more than others and just avoided those.

    As for zinc products and silk I would try on some scrap and see. Just slather it on the scrap then pop it in with your normal MCN wash and see what happens. I imagine some eucalyptus oil might help shift any build up (I have a wool wash with eucalyptus oil I use for silks and its great).

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    I bought some recently but they didn't really help with the rash. I tried some Burt's Bees (which has zinc) with them and I couldn't wash it off!

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    Hmm, yes I'm having trouble washing out the cream. Might try another 'delicates' soap.

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