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    Hi all,

    I've been using cloth nappies full time for about 9 months now, so my nappies are getting lots of use. I mostly have Happy Heiny and Bumgenius pockets (so microfibre inserts with some sort of PUL outer I think) but also have a few Baby Beehinds Magicalls and Itti Bittis (I think they're bamboo).

    Anyway, my question is, does anyone know how to get them smelling nice again? They all have a bit of residual wee smell to them, which isn't very pleasant. I've tried doing a strip wash with a bit of dishwashing detergent; this has worked in the past but doesn't seem to have made much difference this time. I wash in hot water (50 degrees as my system doesn't go any hotter) every 2 days and usually line dry in the sun.

    Also, does anyone know how to get the microfibre inserts nice and fluffy again?


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    Hi gypsy,

    I use about half a cup of bicarb soda in my wash instead of laundry powder when my nappies get stinky - then rinse until the rinse water stops bubbling. But I should also say that stinky nappies are often related to using too much washing powder or not rinsing it out properly, maybe try cutting back on the amount you use. I use about 1/4 of the recommended dose and that works just fine

    I'm not real sure about the microfible inserts as I don't use the very often, but I would say that about 10 mins or so in the dryer would probably get them fluffy again.


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    I've also got BG and HH, the only thing that has worked for my is my w.machine that will do a 95 degree wash (front loader) - I strip wash the inserts only (don't do the PUL about 60 as it will wreck them) on this every 2months or thereabout and it fixes them - no bicarb etc. Sorry this doesn't help, but I also wash a friends inserts as her machine is like yours. 10mins in the dryer will get them fluffy but I don't bother as it doens't seem to assist performance - and there not against bubs bum anyway.
    I know there is a commercial laundry in Brisbane who will now wash MCNs, maybe there is one in your area of find a friend who has a machine that will do a hotter wash.... Alternatively you could do what my mum does to tea towels and thats put them on the stove top in a large saucepan and give them a nice hot bath!!!! Probably not recommended by the manufacturer though!!!

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