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Thread: sudocrem and MCNs?

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    Default sudocrem and MCNs?

    DD has nappy rash, I think (her bum looks red anyway) and I've been putting a little sudocrem on her.

    Will this wreck the MCNs I am starting to use? I'm using, so far, bumgenius 3.0 and baby beehinds minkee magic nappies. Just a few uses so far.

    If the cream gets on the nappy is there a way to get it off? How about an extra-hot wash?

    Any advice would be welcome. I don't want to ruin these expensive nappies, but I'm not going to sit around watching her bum looking sore either. Not sure what to do.


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    Can you use a liner between the cream and the nappy?

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    Nooooooooooooooo! Sudocream and MCN do not mix well, it is very hard to get out without ruining the elastic in your nappies. As ray ray suggests a liner is a good idea. Get some microfleece (NOT polar fleece) from spotlight cut it into strips and put inside nappy.

    A cream that i use that is ok with MCN is moogoo. I find it great and wont clog up in your nappies. You can get it online.

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    I know from personal experience that if you need to use a zinc based cream then use a liner with! Disposable is best for it too.

    It will get into the fabric and bung it up, causing it to repel, smell and the spot will discolour. You can get it out with hot water, detergent and elbow grease but it's better to prevent it in the first place.

    You can use other creams besides sudeocreme. A balm type such as Lucas pawpaw (in the black tube as it contains no petrochemicals) or Aromababy.
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    OK, that seems very clear, thanks for the advice everyone.

    I have just ordered some liners. Until they come I guess I'll stick with the disposables or not use the cream.

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