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    I have been having problems with my not so old nappies (between 4 - 8 months) falling apart. After a few enquires it seems it could be my DD's toxic wee's doing this.
    It is only the bamboo nappies, and it has happened to all the brands.
    Has anyone else had this happen?
    The manufactures have been great and replaced my damaged ones, but I don't want this to continue.
    I am looking into getting more hemp nappies, but I don't think they will cut it for night, plus I would still like to keep using the bamboo ones I have.
    The best solution I can think of is to rinse all the nappies as I take them off her, but it can be messy and annoying.
    Now I know the 1st rule of MCN, do not soak.
    But, taking into consideration that I wash daily, and the nappies are going to be rinsed before being put in the bucket, in this situation will I do any more damage by just putting them into a bucket with cold water?
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and help.

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    Wow, what a bummer about your bamboos! I wouldn't think there'd be any problem in putting them just in water. I think the rule about soaking is just not to soak in washing liquid or nappy san or the like. Just water sounds like a good plan- it would dilute the wee and hopefully rescue the nappy... I would've thought... GL with it!

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