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Thread: Cloth Nappy Making #5

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    Caz, i think i know what you might be talking about as i had a few of those for bilby.

    They were called contours i think (this was a few years ago).

    Halfway between a prefold and a fitted nappy really.

    Not a fitted, cos no elastic in the legs and tummy.
    Not a prefold cos curved on the leg side.
    With a cover over them.

    Even back then, rarely saw them for sale.

    When you google btw, try googling "modern cloth diapers DIY" "modern cloth diapers sewing" etc, cos many online links i found were US in origin, same thing, just "diaper" instead of the word "nappy". I remember seeing youtube videos too. HEAPS to trawl through. THese were for making your own fitteds, pocket and all in one nappies - maybe prefolds too. Can't remember seeing a pattern for contours, but still worth looking -

    in my early research, i had to get my head around
    - the different FABRICS used in making MCNs
    - the names and functions of the different nappy styles
    BEFORE i could go looking at lots of these websites. You need to understand some of the MCN jargon, before these sites will make sense to you (IMO).


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    Yep, those are Kissaluv contours.

    if you google Kissaluv contour pattern you should get what you're after.

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    i love my kissaluvs for newborns.

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    Yay! Thanks for that ladies!!! Will definately be looking into kussaluvs. Hopefully I will get hold of some or make my own :-D

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