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Thread: inner fabric???

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    Default inner fabric???

    Hi ladies,

    I have pocket cloth nappies (PUL outer, fleece lined with bamboo insert) I didn't make them, I'm not quite that flash with the sewing machine LOL.
    But I wanted to make a mat in a similar style for nappy free time.
    I have the PUL for the backing, so that part is fine.

    I have some suedecloth and also some microfleece which I can use for the lining - which would be better do you think?

    And my other question is what can I use for the lining? I do have some cotton velour (but I was hoping to make some wipes with that).
    Can I use some old towels for the inner? (saves buying more fabric if I can). How many layers would I need? By stitching them all together, I wouldn't be able to use fabric softener - would it matter if the towels went "crunchy" over time if there was a suedecloth or microfleece over the top?
    If I used towels as the inner, would I still be able to use the microfleece (I had heard you cant wash microfleece and cotton together).


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    I would probably personally use the microfleece only because it feels nicer and some bubs react to suedecloth.
    I've never heard that about the microfleece and cotton not being aboe to be washed together, so I'd probably give the towels a run. I'd only use a couple of layers as otherwise it would be too bulky to sew.
    Towels don't go crunchy without fabric softener, they go crunchy drying without movement, so as long as it's line dried it should be fine.

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    I'd use the microfleece as well. I made one and just bought regular polar fleece (because I loved the pattern) and it works great.

    As for the washing issue - I think not washing microfleece and cotton together is something about getting cotton fluff on the microfleece and this wouldn't happen if it were encased (I used bamboo fleece in the middle of mine and haven't had any issues)

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