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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    Lily, born 17/4/07 (7mths at time of posting)
    Weighs around 9kg
    Size M/L

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    Apr 2007

    Ethyn born 30/05/07, nearly 8kgs and currently 67cm. Currently he is in pocket nappies, but I assuming he would be in a medium.
    Would love to try out pads for me too.

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    Apr 2007
    SE QLD

    At time of posting (26-11-07):
    Jensen (DOB 18/08/07) is 3mths. He has just gone 6kg - still wearing 000's. 60cm length. He would love to try out and give your handy-work a go! He has a little bit of a chubby belly

    Also, I'm interested in trying out breastpads - if anyone makes them!

    We're still new to all this, so we'll try anything!
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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people


    I only have one in nappies full time.

    Mateauz - chunky bugger fits medium's and large's...10kg

    Vy is only night time so night nappies are ok - size large

    Im honest (some time to much so heheheh) and will not lie (something that is not in my genetic structure)

    Would love to test out mama pads or PP pads with wings for moi

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    Feb 2004

    Hi, I'd love to be a tester. I will give a full review of any product tried, including photos of nappies/covers showing the fit on my son.

    Austin - 2yrs (25/11/05) TT'ing during day but still wears nappies as I haven't found a good cloth trainer pant yet that holds his big toddler wees. He generall0y wears homemade PUL pockets by day, AIO's for naps and Very Baby Simply Nights with handknit covers at night. We are happy to try anything, just thought I'd let you know what I'd be comparing things to.

    I am happy to try Mama pads too, and have tried a few different brands so can compare. No photo's though

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    Apr 2005

    Just thought I'd add DS to the list

    Jambin - 11/4/07 (currently 8.5 months old) - nearly 10kgs, but tall and slim - has been cloth nappied since birth with AIO's, prefolds, pockets and fitteds.

    Me - I'd be happy to be a mama pad tester. I currently use the Wemoon ones, so could compare with those.

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    Jun 2004
    The Festival State

    TIny bilby
    18months old as of today
    16.11.06 arrived
    around 10kgs
    suits narrow crotch nappies and mainly sidesnappers due to shape
    medium wetter i think
    has been in MCN since five days old
    we use all types of MCN and woolly covers

    short, light periods, happy to test out mamapads, have been using a variety of brands for over a year. AIO style with wings.

    Happy to do a photo journal with observations for the MCN (pros and cons), can compare fit, fabrics, drying time, absorbency, etc with the many otehr brands we have tried.

    Happy to do a journal of observations for the mamapads, can compare with the other brands i have tried (maybe 8?).

    Have done some testing already, i like to feel useful in contributing to new MCN products.

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    Mar 2007

    Oh oh me me!!!

    Sarah - 26/4/06 tall slender girl, suits wide crotch and narrow crotch. wees for australia! is becoming toilet aware but not quite there yet. currently using sposies at night as no cloth we have found can hold all that wee. have a fair range of nappies to compare to. at time of posting - 12 kg

    Emma - 16/8/07 slightly chubbier than Sarah, but suits same nappies. does wear some medium that Sarah cant but they share large and osfa. not as heavy a wetter as Sarah but can wee heaps when she wants. at time of posting - 9kg

    Me - short light periods. Prefer tampons if anyone is making cloth ones? but happy to test cloth pads. dont like to use pads at night as am a tummy sleeper unless they are made with length at the front also. happy to do AIO or in pieces.

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    Dec 2006

    Tahlia - born 31/10/2007, at 12 months weighed 9.6kgs, she has fairly chubby thighs. Willing to test any MCN's

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    hint hint........ please add new current details or edit posts from LAST YEAR..

    Im on the hunt for testers

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    Oct 2008
    Thirroul, NSW, Originally Cornwall, UK

    Due in less than 7 weeks, Jan 2nd 2009

    Willing to test anything.

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Maz, I'll gladly offer Abbey's bum up

    She is nearly 12 months old!!

    Weighs in at a grand weight of approx 9kgs, her thighs are starting to chub up a little. She's just going into a size 1 and is pretty tall, hows that for accuracy. Can tell she's number 5!!

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    Apr 2008
    in love. lots of it.

    DS Aadi born 22 May 2008, currently about 8kg-ish and 68cm, has chubby thighs and slim waist. Fits about a medium in most MCN. I'm willing to test anything.. mama pads too.

    ETA: Feb 09, now 9 months old, 10kg and 74cm. Still in medium to large size MCN, but side-snapping nappies seem to fit better. Would really like to test more of these.
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    Feb 2006

    wow havnet seen this thread for ages!!!

    sophie is now 2
    tall and skinny!!

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    Feb 2007

    DS Angus who is 17mths olds, weighs about 10kg. Is a slim little man, narrow crotch, fits well into med/lge depending on make. Has quite a narrow waist also. Would love to test!

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    Nov 2006
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    A newborn little unit up for grabs ! Due 6 December .... but feeling slightly early vibes....

    I myself would also love to test cloth pads..... any size/shape/colour..... personally would love to be able to test!

    lol... may i also add that i am more than happy to show off nappies etc in public?? hee hee hee
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    Jan 2008

    oooooo pick me pick me!!!!

    currently 5 weeks old
    born 12/10/2008
    currently weighing about 5kgs...

    willing to try ANYTHING (nappy wise or mama wise...)

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    May 2007

    Ashley - 17 months, 10.6kg
    Ethan - 6 weeks, 4.5kg

    Happy to test out for you Maz


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