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Thread: Bummis or BBH covers?

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    Default Bummis or BBH covers?

    I have been making a few of my own covers but have no idea what sort of sizes they will fit in reality or how good they will be when the time comes to use them, so I thought as a back up I should get a few good brand ones. I have a size S in Babybeehinds already and was about to order another in a M, but then read that the site Im getting the from has Bummis for $15, and the sizing on Bummis are longer lasting plus they have the leg gusset. DS had skinny little legs - so I know about leaks, but no idea if this ones likely to come out skinny legs too or not??

    Just wanting some suggestions about the 2 different types of covers and even how many I should maybe get. They do cost a bit, so hoping my covers will work ok and that I dont need to buy many. Is it about 3-4 covers per stage/size?? cant quite remember.
    We have order some wool longies to be used at night, so its just for day time covering really.

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    Bum p

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    Hmm..I like the bummis better just because of the gussets.

    Baby Beehinds are quite large sizing - the small is still a bit too big for Miss M, but the Bummi's smalls fit fine.

    I prefer the mother ease covers - they have the gussets and are easily adjustable and their size ranges are brilliant. I had Miss M in a newborn, then jumped straight to a medium with those.

    I think I have 2 motherease (medium), 1 swaddlebees (small), 2 bummis (one fleece and one PUL - both smalls) and then I have 2 fleecy covers from Maz and about 3 wool ones.

    I've also put her in a Sugarpeas woollen cover tonight which is a medium but fits fine over her night nappy.

    With this collection - I never run out of covers


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    Anything with gussets gets my vote. My all time favourites are Motherease Rikki covers, not the cheapest, but honestly, I've NEVER had a leak with those.

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